Firmware Request - Cyclone Micro


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It keeps locking up and I have to pull the power lead out to get it to respond again. Also in some of the folders the file names change to LZ and won't play.

I've never had a problem before so I figure somethings gone a miss and its currently on 3.2 so an update won't hurt I'm sure...



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Bumping this one back up there - can't find this for download anywhere! Have emailed MT Electronics but got no reply...


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Yes and again there was no download for our device. It looks as if MT Electronics were the only people to release an update, other people may have just been get lucky enough to come with it already on there device.

I've emailed MT and Sumvision with not even a response from either.


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Although it's been a long time since anyone replied to this thread, I just spent ages looking for version 3.3 of the Sumvision Cyclone Micro firmware, and got nowhere.

Then I tried the Wayback Machine to see if I could find a snapshot of MT-Electronics, and it turns out the link is still live for the 3.3 October firmware update.

Thought I'd put a link on here, in case anyone was still looking for this:
MT Electronics

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