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Firmware for Jamo DVR50



I just read on some forum that there are "unsupported" updates to the firmware of this machine that enable some undocumented features, and I have a few questions:

1) Is it true that it is capable of upscaling to 720/1080P and/or Hi-VGA
2) did anybody try this
3) where can I find such firmware, as the URL I found seems not to be active anymore
4) Is it legal

thanks for any opinion/suggestions you might provide


Established Member
Hi, I just found your e-mail in my junk folder!
I couldn't e-mail you, so I'll post here instead.
I did have the 'so-called' HDTV firmware for it. But I never got it to work, I'm not sure if anyone did. The person who made it never responded to e-mails or to his origional post. So it could have been a wind-up.
I sold my Jamo a while back, and with it I sent all the firmware updates. I'm searching my hard-drive now but I'm pretty sure that I deleted them.
If I find them I'll let you know.



Thanks for your reply Rampage!
I tried to make the firmware modifications myself, this weekend I will try if it works...
By the way, I have the same Hitachi!
How is it behaving with the Denon?
Is it noticeably better than the Jamo?
How do you connect it? (HDMI-->DVI?)
please let me know, I am curious!


Established Member
I never realised how good the Jamo was untill I replaced it!
Picture quality with the Denon is better on new films like Revenge of the Sith, Sin City etc, but on older films/tv shows (red dwarf, star trek) it's the same if not slightly worse!
Red Dwarf shows a sort of blocking effect sometimes.
Sound is definately a lot better (using the Jamo A305 speakers) but I have a dedicated amp now.
It is connected with a Supra HF100 HDMI - DVI. Also via a Mark Grant Component. I can't see much/any difference between component and HDMI even using any form of upscaling. 720p won't work on the Hitachi, so I use 576p most of the time.


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I would definitely try contacting Mark Dolbear of Jamo UK. When I had a DVR50 he sent the multiregion firmware on CD and was very helpful indeed.


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Hi Crobo, how would I get in touch with this Mark Dolbear of Jamo? I just recently got a DVR50 off ebay with 2.8.7 firmware. 2.9.4 is on the website, but I heard this take away multi region coding. Is that true?


Established Member
If 2.9.4 is the latest one out and it's been out for 6 months or so, then it will be fine. You will probably need the region-free disc as well as the firmware update.

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