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im new to site so a little confused at the moment,i see a question on my problem in the forum but still cant work my problem out, my camcorder is not recognised on my sony vaio ,home premium vista, it worked perfectly with my old computer with xp,i bought a firewire because the usb conection did not work as my sony camcorder is 6 years old dcr-trv140e the firewire cable does not fit my camcorder,has the sockets for cable changed over the years,or has a 6 pin to 4 pin firewire different fittings on each end, the cable i bought was 4 to 4 pin :lease:hope somebody can help .


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Firewire has not changed, you must have the wrong cable... You sure it has firewire and not just an AV output (rounded socket)?


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thanks for your speedy reply,when i had xp i was using the supplied usb cable to transfer video from camcorder to computer ,like i said this will now not work,the cable i bought was 4pin ieee1394 which is ok to fit computer ,do i need to forget about mini usb jack on camcorder and conect the firewire to the dvout jack on my camcorder,i am a novice so i dont want to stick cables anywhere and mess my computer up, also if this is the right way should i be ever to transfer video to my computer,also will this tell me if the camcorder is recognised once again thanks mike


do i need to forget about mini usb jack on camcorder and conect the firewire to the dvout jack on my camcorder
Yes, totally forget about the USB connnection on the camcorder and use the DVout port.
USB & Firewire are totally different connections that are not compatible with each other. THe DVout jack is just another name for firewire, as is iLink & ieee1394.



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From the manual - page 196, under the flap (ahead of the cassette door below the mike) there is a 4-pin DV out socket (labelled 48). Hope that helps.


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many thanks to you all in helping me,a novice has just learned something else:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: you are all good people im up and running

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