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Hi. I'm looking at connecting a live camera to a projector through a firewire conncetion. Can anyone tell me if a middle of the road camcorder will capture and stream video firewire in an XGA resolution? or in fact any camcorder that will do this. I would like ideally like live video in native resolution of 1024x768 or higher, but something around that mark would be acceptable.



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I do not think this is possible over firewire, most DV cameras do this via usb. or at least my panasonic does it has both firewire and usb2 connections

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Does it have to be firewire pet? Most projectors will have SD composite and SD S-Video/YC inputs, some have SD or even HD component inputs.

SD camcorders will give you an output of 720x576 (768x576 in square pixels, 1024x576 in widescreen format, square pixels).

There are two flavours of HDV camcorder, the 1080i standard as used by Canon and Sony (giving you up to 1920x1080 in square pixels) or JVC using the 720p standard (1280x720 in square pixels) both widescreen.

Most DV HDV camcorders will give you a live output through firewire, if you take a component analogue output it will be uncompressed and perhaps better than HDV for live projection quality, almost certainly with less delay as you are by-passing the MPEG compressor.

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