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    hi there,

    i have just purchased a SAFEWAY firewire card and installed in my pc (pentium 3, 1000mhz). the card seems to install fine, but when i restart the comp error messages such as 'ndetect has caused an error' and 'loadqm has caused an error'. also when i try to connect to the net it comes up with 'savenow has caused an error'. In my device manger it tells me that the device is working properly and there are no conflicts. when i connect my cam (panasonic mx8) the 'ndetect has caused an error' comes up again.

    the firewire didn't come with any software. do i need software for it to install properly?

    i also have a problem connecting my cam up via USB to import still pictures. i have installed the supplied USB driver but none of my photo programs can detect that the cam is present!

    any ideas i would be most grateful


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