Firewire issues.


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Hello. I am just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction for a fix to this problem. I use Windows 7 64bit and have a Sony DCR-TRV33E MiniDV camcorder. I use Firewire to transfer my tapes to my PC, and have never had a problem I the past. However, I came to transfer some video last night and suddenly I am having problems with video not being displayed properly on whichever program I use to capture with.
The capture seems to be fine one done, but it is really irritating that it is not displayed correctly on the monitor. Either it will not display at all with just a stuck image of the first frame, or if it does play any video, any movement just breaks up badly and the image displayed is just a mess.
I have already changed the IEE1394 driver from the Texas Instruments one to the 1394 OHCI Compliant Host Controller (Legacy) driver, but this did not fix the issue.
Has anyone got any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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It might be the firewire cable (or one of its connections) as they can be quite delicate - if no one else can offer advice I would suggest you try a new cable (although that won't necessarily tell you whether the ports in the camera and/or PC are OK).

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If the video captured is ok and the problem is just the Preview window then the cables and source device etc are going to be fine. I would think that it is either the graphics card drivers or the preview settings in the capture/editing program that need adjusting.
I use Sony Vegas Studio and above the preview windows there is a quality setting. If you have similar try setting that to a lower setting to see if you get better playback displayed - by default mine is set to 'Preview (Auto)' which normally works fine for me.



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Try using WinDV to capture your DV tapes.

I've had no trouble using that with Windows 7 ... and it is free!!

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