Firewire connection lost after few minutes


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I have a Sony DCR-H19E which is connected to my computer through a Gembird PCI Firewire adapter.

All is well except the fact that after a few minutes of video capturing (ranging from 2 to 20 minutes) the connection is interrupted with out any sound.The only thing i can do is to turn the camera off and back on.But this doesn't help me very much because the capture is terminated.

I have a Abit AN52 motherboard, CPU AMD X2 4000+ AM2.
The firewire adapter has VIA chipset.

Any ideeas ?


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Dodgy cable.??.. very common problem:devil:
The easiest way to rule out the cable/ your system is to try it elsewhere with the same cable, or another
It could be the PCI firewire card isn't not seated properly and makes a partial connection when you plug the cable into it
It might just be a dodgy card.
The only way you can tell for sure is a bit of sluething by trial and error
Good luck


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Thank you for yout reply.
I already bought a new cable and i will try it as soon as i get home.
I hope this will solve the problem, being the easiest way. :)


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I think i got to the bottom of this.

All the time my connection was interrupted the camera had the power supply connected.I try without the power connection and it didn't break the connection.
I guess that when the power was connected, the battery was charging and when it was completely charged the camera somehow turned off for a moment which broke the connection.
At least i hope this is the explanation.

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