Firestick use problem


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I have a firestick, TV, laptop and projector.

In all combinations the vision is fine but sound only works in most combinations:

PC to TV screen, I have sound through PC speakers and TV speakers
PC to Projector with sound through PC, projector speaker or projector to remote speakers
Firestick will work in the PC and directly to the TV with all speaker options working

So all individual items are working perfectly it seems.

The issue I have is with the Firestick connected directly to the projector. The vision is fine but I get no sound either on the projector speaker or with the remote speakers connected to the projector. I have checked all settings that I am aware of to no avail and it makes little sense that all other combinations work perfectly. Any thoughts on this problem please.


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If the FireTV has sound settings make sure it is manually set to PCM 2.0 (stereo) not auto.

If it still doesn't work after that, it must be some kind of EDID problem, the FireTV is scanning the projector and incorrectly reading it's audio capabilities at least that's my best guess.

It's not cheap but the Dr HDMI devices could basically fake a different EDID to the FireTV which could trick it into sending the audio.

Something cheaper might be a HDMI switch with audio extractor if the projector has an audio input, plug everything into the switch so you don't have to swap around cables.

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