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Hello all,
I am looking for advice on how to handle my current situation. I have an existing setup where I have 5 ceiling speakers wired and a sub wired all in my living room. These connections originate in a closet in another room. Behind the Living Room TV is a coaxial port, RGB+Red and White. This all terminate in the closet as well. The original assumption by the builder was that I would have a cable box in that closet and that would drive everything perfectly. My current setup is quite different however. In my living room, I have a firestick hooked up to my TV.

I would love to set it up so that I could use surround sound with my firestick but I see limited options:
1) I could run optical from the TV to an optical to RCA converter then RCA through the wall to the receiver in the closet and just have stereo. My concern with this option is I would at best have emulated surround sound from the RCA signal.
2) I could plug the firestick into my receiver (Onkyo HT-R593 currently in the mail purchased second hand), send the audio to the speakers and buy an HDMI wireless transmitter to send the signal back to the TV. My concern with this option is that I don't know if the Audio and Video will remain in sync and this is an expensive whim to test.
3) Bluetooth the audio from the firestick to the receiver. My concern with this option is that I may not have the audio sync with the video especially since it is transmitted through a wall. I don't know if it is possible to get surround sound this way either.

I am posting because I am hoping either someone has experience with #2 and can reassure me that there will be no sync issues or someone has options I have not thought of. I Have and optical to RCA converter so options 1 and 3 will be easy enough to try. I am just looking for more options or advice. I think the builder was narrow minded of the possibilities and wired me for only one scenario and I was too inexperienced 15 years ago to know any better. Additionally, rewiring is not an option I want to consider because cutting holes and plastering/ painting is not something I care to do.

Thank you for any and all help.


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Whats the route like from the closet to the TV, is it a short fairly straight run? If the trunking is wide enough could you pull an HDMI cable through?


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You can run digital surround sound on a co-ax cable, so get an optical to SPDIF converter and run the digital signal to the closet. Simples!

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currently running on the coaxial is the cable internet signal as my modem is located by the TV so I didn't Have to go far to the router. There are hardwire drops for ethernet right there to go upstairs and down. No easy way to distribute ethernet to or from the closet. I appreciate the idea though. Unless you think I can run both on the same coaxial cable without disrupting the internet signal.

Also, If I could send the signal that way and not cause issues with the internet, I would need optical to coax run the signal to the closet over coax, then coax back to optical using another converter so the receiver gets the surround data? I don't think there is a coax input on the receiver for anything other than the RCAs for stereo inputs.

Edit: This gave me an idea to try and send digital audio coax over one of the RCA ports behind the TV as in optical to digital audio coax which to me looks like and RCA cable and not a traditional cable coaxial cable. If this is what you originally meant, please forgive my ignorance as I didn't even know this was a thing, thank you
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Yep, that should be OK on the RCA. The cable may not be designed for high frequency digital, so it might be a case of trying it to see if it works.

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