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Discussion in 'Home Cinema Building DIY' started by spinaltap, Aug 6, 2018.

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    My detached house was built in 1975. The chimney place flue stack pipe is in the cavity wall. I plan on installing integrated Solar PV Panels, so the flue stack pipe will be externally terminated below roof level, with tiles replacing the resultant exterior hole. Our loft is well ventilated, as I had dry eaves ventilation installed a couple of years ago. The gas supply to the existing fire will be terminated too.

    Our present insert gas fire isn't to current building standards, and we haven't used it for many, many years: the central heating is more than adequate for our home. I did consider replacing the gas fire, with a balanced flue through the external wall. However, the amount of money spent on fitting a new insert gas fire will substantively fund a new OLED television.

    Currently, our plasma television is situated in the corner of the living room. I want to change the viewing location of a new OLED. Within the aperture size of our fireplace I've discovered the perfect AVF Easel stand. The only remaining issue is the best method for masking off the 'hole' that will remain after the existing gas fire is removed. I don't want to permanently block it off with ventilated bricks, but thought that some kind of flat framed close wired metal black mesh, adhered to the back wall, would screen the back wall with (integral) ventilation. I have looked out for fire spark guards, but these appear to be formed rather than flat (and would protrude too far into the available space in which to place the new television stand).

    Whatever OLED I eventually buy, the screen will sit in front of the arch.

    My question, therefore, is to ask for recommendations for the type of flat framed fine mesh/grill to install in the redundant fireplace back wall?

    BTW, ignore the guard dogs ;-)
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