Firefly... High Def


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Good news for Firefly fans:)

FOX have remastered the original 35mm masters for HD and the show will have it's HD premiere on Universal HD beginning next month.
Some question marks over the original format for the visual effects but I'll still be aquiring the caps when they appear.

Would be interesting to see if UK SciFi still have the pay rights, the show would make a nice addition to the late night SKY1 HD schedule.


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hmmm *wonders why they dont just un-cann the series and start making new episodes... seem to be investing money into it


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I guess its a cheap way of generating revenue if they stick the series out on HD-DVD. Serenity is probably the best selling hd-dvd title at the moment.


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Yeah it costs FOX very little to re-master the show to HD which then generates cash by selling the new versions to Universal HD and other broadcasters plus making a HD-DVD (Universal) or Blu-ray (FOX) release very likely.


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I didn't really expect anyother answer but SKY replied to my email stating they had no plans to purchase the show for HD broadcasting:(


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The visual effects were only upscaled from the SD CGI, FOX didn't stump up the cash to do them in HD both for the initial production or a HD repackaging, they are tight sods despite the oodles of cash they have made through the DVD's.

I've only seen the Universal HD broadcasts and they aren't upto scratch PQ wise regardless of the quality of the original so it's still hard to tell how good Firefly HD would look given enough bitrate.

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