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Fire v Shield v PC v PS5


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Hi all
I am getting myself tied up in to knots at the moment and wondered if someone could help.

Right now I have a Shield (2017 version) with a 5TB USB HDD attached. I have a load of MKV files on the HDD and play these on the Shield with Plex (and occasionally Kodi).

I have a PS5 on pre-order and also just ordered a Fire 4k Cube from the Currys deal - just to try it out really. The Shield had been superb and I am certainly in no hurry to get rid of it but wondered if I can off-set the cost of the PS5 and potentially remove it from my system.

I use Netflix, Amazon and the usual streaming things so can do this via the PS5 but my main query is what is best to play MKV files on?

I use Kodi addons on the Shield.

One solution is to setup a Plex server on my PC, stick my MKV files on the PC and stream from the PC to the PS5 (not sure if it has Plex?).

I am keen to give the cube a good go, but I am sure I have read you can not plug larger than 128GB USB sticks in to it using a special cable? If this is the case I would have to use the PC as a Plex server I assume?

I'm not exactly in a terrible position as I can simply send the Cube back and keep the Shield but was kind of hoping to do everything from the PS5 when it arrives but suspect I will have problems with the Kodi and addon side of things with the PS5?


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I dont think you'll be able to use Kodi on the PS5, you couldn't on the PS4 so you are going to need another device for that. I would imagine it will have Plex but updates for that on PS4 were abysmally slow.

As for switching to the Cube it gains you Dolby Vision but you lose hd audio pass through and usb hdd storage from the Shield. Up to you whether those are worth the 40 or 50 quid difference you'd get from selling the Shield.

Personally I'd keep the Shield but if you need the money consider downgrading to a Firestick 4k instead which is currently on sale for £30.


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Cheers, you've kind of confirmed all my concerns...will just send the Cube back and keep the Shield which in fairness I can't fault

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