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Question fire TV stick 4K - Dolby Digital-Legacy processor conundrum...

Mr. Mer

Established Member
Hello to all...

Welcome to my fire TV stick 4K - Dolby Digital-Legacy processor conundrum...

Firstly apologies if this post is in the wrong place. I'm not quite sure where the best place to post this question actually is, but seeing as it's arisen due to the recent purchase and installation of a fire TV stick 4K, I thought this is as good a place to start as any.

To clarify the situation 'a bit better' it's a bit convoluted so please bear with me ;)

I have a collection of legacy kit growing old gracefully and have neither the intention or the funds to replace any of it at present. As follows:

fire TV stick 4k plugged (via HDMI port 3) to a Pioneer KRP500a media box which is in turn connected to a Tag Mclaren AV32r DP for audio duties.

Because the Tag has no HDMI sockets , in the case of the fire stick, I have to get the sound to it from the KRP's media box either via optical out or analogue L&R interconnects. I've tried both methods and can get sound but the stumbling block is getting the TAG to register a Dolby Digital signal on its front panel display.

Our Sky HD box is connected to the TAG via an optical cable and when appropriate source material is fed to the TAG the VFD screen on the front panel shows DD 5.1 Dolby Digital.

However... If I run an optical cable from the KRP media box to the very same optical input on the TAG (after disconnecting the sky box obviously) I get PL IIx Movie which I presume means I'm only getting a manipulated stereo signal. I've tried both analogue and optical from the media box and the surround sound displayed on the TAG's front panel is the same.

If I go into the fire stick sound setting menu and select Audio: Always Dolby Digital I get no sound at all and if I select Audio: best available the sound comes back but shows on the TAG display as PL IIx

After a lengthy cable swapping, menu wrestling and input selecting session today I'm all out of ideas...

I've done a heap of searching and now have a tiny inkling that the KRP 500a's media box may be a "bottleneck" that takes in the Dolby Digital feed via the HDMI connection but subsequently is unable to pass it on to the TAG's spare optical input.

Thanks for reading this far to anyone that has! Is there anyone out there that knows how I can get Dolby Digital soundtracks to play from my fire stick? I'd be most grateful for any pearls of wisdom or help, possibly from owners of KRP 500a who may have already run into problems such as this but fear I may have already answered my own question

Thanks in advance for any input

Mr. Mer

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