That's brill, really interesting waiting to see what comes next!

Might have to have a go at that myself.
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Excellent collection - well done :)


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Congrats for finishing your 365. I started mine on my birthday, November 2011. It's good fun, if you don't fret too much about what you shoot. Just relax and go with it :) You did a good job!


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Fantastic job you did there. :thumbsup:

I have started one this year, hoping to stick with it but will see how it goes. It certainly tests your creativity!

So many great shots in yours it's hard to know where to start, I just hope I can achieve as varied a set as you!



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Great idea, very tempted to try that myself! Out of interest, which RC helicopter is that? Was it expensive?
It was a Christmas present from my mother. £25 from M&S

Thanks for all the comments, folks. It's actually quite a relief to finish. I've even been out a few times without taking the camera. :D

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