Finished Garage Conversion


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I posted this in the DIY section too, thought I'd add it here too :)

The room was a single garage, off the hallway and is about 18 x 8 ft.
Had the opening into the double garage and the door end filled in and then got electrics and cables in place (electrician v quick, about 2 hours), plasterer 2 1/2 days.

I decorated and stained the skirting in a couple of days, had carpet laid, then carpenter fitted cupboard, bar, skirting and step. I've still got to varnish the shelves and paint round the door and wax the step and door.

Equipment at present:-
Sanyo PLV-Z2000 projector
Vogels EPW 6565 wall mount
PS3 (40GB)
Onkyo 605
Alphasson ABR1100 unit (light oak)
Q Acoustics 1010i 5.1 speakers (Q 1030 floorstanders)
Darkbox rev2008 HD satellite receiver (80cm motorised dish)
DRH 203 x 115 fixed screen (92 inch diagonal)
Bar was a simple design (used an old box of laminate floor for the top)
Tub chairs and optics from ebay :)
Carpet from Allied Carpets (with thick rubberised underlay)
Paint is ChocChip and Liqueur (Crown)
12m HDMI cable from - great price and works fine

Going to get 2 beanbag chairs with back support also and now I have preordered a IR2BT, will get a universal remote (maybe Harmony One) and a varilight 2 gang dimmer.


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looks very good indeed mate. do you have any problems with the glasses/bottles ratlling when the bass kicks in? :thumbsup:


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Nice job mate. May I suggest swivel chairs though for easy access to all that booze :smashin:


Great set-up.

The AV system isn't bad either!


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@hounder - I actually did look at some swivel chairs! No problems with bottle rattling, I was a bit worried about that before hand.

In our old house we had a more elaborate bar, so when we moved it was all stashed in the single garage. Then we thought about plastering it out and building a new bar, then after finding this forum discovered we could fit a cinema too :thumbsup:


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Oh my god thats the ultimate room(except for a pool table)look at all that booze,im in love.nice set up man absolutley fantastic:thumbsup:


Oh, just a couple of points Violin,

1) Move the centre speaker so it's in the middle of the picture.

2) If it ain't rattling the booze, you might want to look at getting a better sub.

3) Where's the bleeding Stella?
There's no way I'm coming down your gaff without it :D


shot of bacardi please ;)

sick setup


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It is in the middle, I think its the rubbish camera and not having much room to take a good photo ;)

The sub sounds fine to me, I set up up the levels with Audessy before bottles were in though, so might redo that and tweak the levels again :)

edit - it WAS in the middle, I pulled the unit forward and didnt push it back where it was - doh!

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Nice setup, nice wine collection :smashin:


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Great use of a garage :thumbsup:


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One of the best setups. I like the tidy arrangement and your thoughfulness of providing enough drinks for a movie or two.


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great room dude really tidy setup and loving the mini pub you have :smashin:


I can't see how, with all that booze to be had :rotfl:

The only problem would be two hands, one mouth :D

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