Fine scratches on Gloss speakers


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Feb 15, 2010
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I have some High Gloss Monitor Audio speakers. One of my floor standing speakers has some fine scratches on the top that are bugging the hell out of me. How can I get rid of them in an as easy way as possible?

Please advise.

Might be worth trying Autoglym Super Resin polish, it is very mildy abrasive so will polish the scratches out and it also contains a filler so it will help disguise any remaining ones. Use a very soft cloth to apply it or you'll add more scratches to the surface than those you're trying to remove.

It also works quite well on glossy kitchen cupboard doors. ;)
If the SHEER BRILLIANCE is a combination of wax and polish with will smooth ultra fine scratches and fill large fine scratches, don't count it out until you investigate it.

Next, can we assume these are woodgrain? I don't believe you specifically said what the finish color was?

I know they used to make 'color match' automotive wax/polish. The theory was that if you had a red car and polished it with red wax, the wax would fill in fine scratches in a way that would make them unnoticeable.

If fact just waxing you speaker with neutral furniture wax might be enough to fill in the fine scratches, but I think you need paste wax, not thin spray wax.

There is also a company that makes crayon-like wax sticks that are colored to match a variety of wood finishes. You simply rub the wax stick side-to-side to fill the scratches with wax, the polish it smooth and the scratches are filled and unnoticable. These colored wax sticks are usually available from any hardware, or home building supply store.

Personally, I would start with a good paste wax, and see how that goes.

Displex is designed for plastic, in particular phone and Ipod screens etc. However it does work well on fine scratches on laquered surfaces.

My son's friend decided to drag a magnet down the front of our nearly new laquered stainless steel american style freezer leaving a nasty scratch, just because the magnet stuck to it.:(

After drying my tears I got out the displex and it removed the scratch.
Try Toothpaste. This is a very mild abrasive and is good for getting scratches out of glass and some stones. Best to try it on a bit of speaker you can't see first though. Couls also try T-Cut but this may be a bit harsh. Also, usual caveats apply to this advice just incase it does not work.

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