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Jan 14, 2004
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Anybody know if the compression used for the R2 version of this movie affects the picture as bad as the R1 version?

I'm thinking of getting this on release day, (Friday). Was really dissapointed with the image quality of the R1 version
I've just flicked through the region 2 version.
I saw two scenes where the compression ratio caused some slight banding.

Pioneer 868i @ 1280x720 DVI
Marantz VP12 S3 HD2+ 1280x720 DLP

The scene were they are near the sinking ship. The transition from blue sea to blackness has some "very" slight graduation steps.
(I checked this with my HTPC/868i on my Barco 808s CRT, and it was still there)
I'm not 100% sure this is in the source, so it could be my DVD player(s)/Setup etc.
I didn't notice any banding at all in the rest of the blue sea scenes. (indicating if my kit was at fault etc)

The other scene is in the whales mouth, were the water is washing up it's tongue. You can see colour postering, and the colours even seemed wrong etc.

The layer change isn't in a good place. I can't remember seeing it on the R1.

Having said that, i felt the rest of the encoding/compression was much better than the region 1 version.
The image does look slightly sharper, and i saw less mpeg dithering on bright to dark areas.
I think maybe PALs slightly higher resolution also helped with picture detail. I noticed many more things than from the R1 version.
Not saying the same detail wasn't in the R1, i just noticed things more.

Overall, i think the R2 version is better than the R1.
But the biggest difference is smooth panning!
I mean really smooth pans, making the R1 look like "stop motion" animation:D

I have been using R1 Nemo a lot since i got my S3 over three months ago. Mainly to see the difference between Component and DVI.
I didn't really seem to notice the judder until i watched the R2 tonight, and noticed it was gone.

It has really made my mind up to stop buying R1...;)
Thanks for the reply.

I have a Pioneer 668, and the R1 version really shows its flaws.

Going to 'donate' the R1 version to my brother and sister, and grab a copy of the R2 version today :):):)

How do you find the S3? I saw them both demoed at the recent Bristol Sound and Vision show and the image quality made my jaw drop, I was amazed. How tricky is it to set up, I may be getting one this year, so eager to find user opinions on it.

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