Finding a suitable record player - Help appreciated


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I would like to apoligise if this has been posted in the wrong area!

I am looking to invest in a new record player.

I have a very nice set of vintage PYE speakers I got for £40 at a charity shop. I've attached a photo of what they look like.

I also have an NAD C320BEE amp.

Would this record player suit the setup I have?: A Retro Late 1960’s PYE 1556 Three Speed Stereo Record Player | eBay

I can't find much information on the quality of PYE electronics pre-80s, which was when I believe philips bought the company and changed the build/sound quality to suit the 'budget' category.

Any information/record player reccomendations for under £200 would be very much appreciated.
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Thank you for any help,



That one has tone controls, which means it also has an amplifier built in - and, to be honest, the sound quality is likely to be very poor.

As you have a NAD C320BEE, which is a very nice amp, all you need is a turntable. If you can stretch to it, this is widely thought of as the one to beat around that price bracket...


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Brilliant. Thank you for letting me know and for taking the time to help. I'm blown away by the support of this forum to be honest. Have a good day

Best, Blake.

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