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Finding a "Impedance matching speaker selector"


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Hi All,

I have an old Denon AVR X2000.

I have a 5.1 set up - using Jamo A102HCS5

I have the other two speakers as part of a ZONE 2 set up.

  • The sound from the Zone 2 speakers is poor.
  • The speakers are on top of kitchen wall units
  • I would like to buy better speakers for a richer more full sound.
  • I will NOT be able to use a sub for these speakers

On reading the AVR X thread below, it suggests the following:

If you have a 7.1 Zone 2 model (1913 or higher/X2000 or higher) and want to send the "same" audio to more than just one zone/room, you can connect a multi zone impedance matching speaker selector (eg. 4 zone speaker selector) to the Surr Back/Amp Assign speaker posts.

In order to get better sound, I need to "impedance match" the speaker? Is that correct?

If so, I'm not really sure what to match. As the 5.1 speakers are satellites connected to a sub.

Advice greatly appreciated.



That will not give you a better audio option. It's just a way to having more than one pair of speakers connected from the single Height 1 speaker terminals on the X2000. Your problems are more likely to be associated with the speakers location rather than anything lacking with the Denon.

If you are playing music only through Zone 2 then this is the Denon's Achilles Heel as their stereo portrayal of music is poor. Add that to poor placement and it's not going to sound good. Impedance matching is not going to solve this.

Better speakers may help but better positioning certainly will. Post a photograph of where those speakers are currently located.


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Hi all

@gibbsy thanks for the message and as requested some photos

Speakers sit on top of kitchen cabinets.
The ceiling above them is sloped. That's the roof.
Wall behind is solid brick.

Speakers are rear ported, pretty old speakers from a Sony hifi.





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Yep, I think that's the source of your problem... They are going to sound horrible whatever you do with them. You need some better speakers and try and mount them in a better position. May be a sub/sat system to give you more placement options?


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Definitely want to keep the speaker up there. I've won my battle in the Living Area, but the kitchen is not my domain! So this is the only placement unfortuantely.

Advice appreciated.


Totally agree with @noiseboy72 that positioning is absolutely killing the audio with those speakers. I would also go with his suggestion.


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I'd rather not upset the plasterwork if possible. So getting power up there would be difficult.

Would some dynamat + better speakers possibly improve things?

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