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Hi am trying to add my username & password (apple I'd) to my daughters account on her iPhone so I can have full access On the find my phone.

Am struggling with it because she was getting some of my iMessages & it's showing my website & passwords on her phone in setting.
She as her own apple id which she as for itunes.
The only reason I want the find my phone bit on her phone is someone stole her phone last time but I think she sold
or pawned it 😔 so I wanted to be in controll over it if possible.
Hope it makes sense to anyone.
Didn't want to do the family sharing or do I have to go that way.
Thanks Lee


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There used to be a find my friends app but looks like it’s changed now - I’m not 100% as not had to set it up. I know you can select what messages / phone calls a device receives though if you didn’t want your daughter receiving your iMessages.

find my friends (quick google found this) May be of help

Set up and use Find My Friends


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Thanks, was after it in the account at the top in settings where it says your name etc.
That way if you try to turn off find my phone it ask's for your password (my password)


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Looks good,but she could delete the app plus not what I wanted really 😁.
I wanted my apple id on her phone so she Can't or somebody else if they guessed her password to her itunes account & disabled the find my phone or even erase all content & settings.
You can just switch off sms and passwords etc. However she could switch it back on ;)

You need to fix the underlying issue; trust.

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