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Hi. I need some help finding a new TV please (apologies if every new comer asks the same dumb ass question)

I've moved to a new house and i need a new TV for the Living room and my heads spinning just looking at what's on offer on t'internet. 🤯

My preference was Samsung - I've had a few and they've never let me down - I'm not a Sony fan - everything I've ever had with "sony" written on it has let me down sooner or later (BUT i'm here for advice so feel free to ignore that)

Basically, i was thinking around 75" ish ( it's a decent size wall to fill) - will be wall mounted, would like a decent sound bar/surround etc

I've got a PS5 / Series X to run on it and I wanna get the best out of the consoles if i can .

Maybe Sky TV but not decided yet - there's not much I can't find by other means without forking out a small fortune every month.

my rooms a bit weird as far as places i can put the sofa so I'll need a decent viewing angle.

It's a North facing room so not particularly bright.

I've just moved house so I'm basically broke for the next 20 years but i was thinking around about the £3k mark - that's negotiable with Mrs Skinnyhippy

Please................... steer me through the minefield :confused:

martin 39

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Probably look at lg 77c1 or a sony a80j 77. Mate has the 77A80J and its stunning but the lg may be cheaper and more features for gaming


Does my guide help at all? Buying a TV you today I'd recommend ideally going no lower than semi pro in the guide:


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Thanks for that, I'll have a good read thro.

I'm a bit over spending thousands of pounds on a tv only to find it for sale 6 months later for 1000 less.

I know its just the way it is with technology but it boils my piss

I'm thinking maybe get a better spec perhaps 2021 model than the "latest thing"

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