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Hello all,

Well, after much research, debate and trawling of tv shops I have finally made my purchase of television. It was difficult but in the end the Toshiba 28ZD26 won the race.

I managed to find a shop that had this tv on their shop floor and I was most impressed by the quality of picture, which is after all really all we want from a tv.

The stand is pretty poor but I can cope with that for an excellent picture. I paid £540 and as we speak it is sitting in the wareouse awaiting for the nod for them to deliver it.

The 100hz dilemma really rumbled on for a good few weeks, but after seeing the tv in the flesh I realised that any problem with smearing could be eradicated by accessing the different picture modes on the system, such as 50 hz progressive scan . I saw this with my own eyes as I was also lucky enough to catch a football segment, and the difference when the ps was activated was noticeable.

I put my ear as close to the set as possible and could detect no humming (although this is difficult in a shop). This is a problem that many people on this forum seem to have suffered.

I managed to find another review for this tv here:

Thanks for everyones help,

James :)


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Glad to see you've made a choice, and hopefully a good one. :)

Just ordered the 28ZT29 myself for £620 today, so if you find any decent settings for the ZD26 I'd love to hear them. :smashin:

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