Finally Xbox live gets a footie game

Also set to be released in the latter part of this year is LMA Manager with on live capability but just how much is yet to be be seen may just be a download content etc but will have to wait and see

be good though if you set your squad up with buy and selling players etc and use them on live against another team

still only good thing about online fottie not many yanks will play this
says it uses the club football engine,which ive heard plays like a dog.

dont hold out much hope on this one.

wheres pro evo?
Damage me & a few others off here had club football it was a right pile of crap :thumbsdow
I think this new one will be crap & like you just wish pro evo would come out on live.
I have all of the pro evo's blinding game come on m$ sort it
your taking our money now give us some thing in return
I'd be happy if FIFA 2005 is fully xbox lived.

Wheres a half decent Rugby game on the horizon? :(
Big NO to fifa from me :thumbsdow
But would be well up for a good rugby league game on live :smashin:
Originally posted by UncagedTyphoon
Rugby leauge god no maybw Rugby Union now we are talking
Ok union i don't care just get us something for god sake :laugh:
The latest Rugby game from EA, can't recall it's name. It's absolutely appauling. It has to be seen to be believed, it looks like a first gen ps1 game.

FIFA 2005 won't be live on xbox anyway as EA hates the whole xbl thing innit.

It'd be a step up from the codemasters one anyway wouldn't it.
It'd be a step up from the codemasters one anyway wouldn't it.
Only just mind innit :laugh: ;)
wikkid :rotfl:

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