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Jan 14, 2003
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Hi Guys :hiya:

Finally got round to buying myself a PS2 (already have a Cube and X-box) in Game yesterday. Got a nice platinum one , which i have to admit is one of the reasons for getting one , along with FFX , which was the main reason for getting this console.
Now that i have the machine and eagerly awaiting FFX part 2 are there any other good RPG type games only out on PS2 anyone can recomend?
I also have broadband and am on X-box Live , is it worth getting Socom to play online anyone know?


General Panic
Depends if you like to import, most of the good RPGs don't make these shores :(

Dark Chronicle 2
Kingdom Hearts

Suikoden III
Champions of Norrath (just released or about to be)
.hack is getting a PAL release very soon :)

You're right about most good RPGs not making it here though
They're all 50Hz too.

FFX PAL - I spent 180hrs on my first save. Had I played the NTSC version, I'd have saved at least a day of my time. Bah.

FFX-2 is excellent, shame there are no extras for PAL players this time round. Can't wait for my copy of FFX-2 Last Mission to come - along with my Tiny Bees :D
Not even I, the mighty "Games Guru" can bring you back from the darkside now General Panic! :rolleyes: :D :suicide:
Lol :))

Surely FF is a good enough excuse ???
Im currently playing Prince of Persia the sounds of time, one of the best games i have played in ages. Just 10% through at the moment and im already hooked.

Whats this Xenosaga all about then??

Thats alright i can play NTSC games on my PS2. Ill shall have a look at that - ;0)

w3dal , do you have a modded PS to be able to play USA games or is there a disk or something out there to do the job?

i've had mine modded with a DMS3 chip, works a treat! You can get the Ripper 2 chip as well now which is easier to install, does the same as a DMS3 and is cheaper.
I wish i could say that i have a boot disk, but i have a Messiah Pro 2 modchip fitted which allows me to play any original PS2 or PS1 game from any region plus PS1 or PS2 backups any region too if you so wish.

I had todo this as i import allot of my games from the US and was easyier to get my PAL machine modded then buying an NTSC system.


Cheers for that. Is there a Datel wotsit that can be used to play US discs? Something i've never bothered about before but as a lot of good RPG's don't seem to make the european market i will have to look into it more me thinks.


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