Finally settled for the Panny & it's great!!!


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Well, I've gone a done it....bought the TH-37PV500 :D
Spent a good few days looking around at different screens in several shops & eventually settled on the Panny, what's more the place I bought it from had them in stock & although it was due to be delivered next Thursday, the salesman said he'd try & get it to me today. To my surprise it arrived just 3 hrs after I left the shop what service!!! :thumbsup:
Got it set up ok & so far I'm very impressed, even though I'm only able to get normal terrestrial TV at the moment, as Freeview Isn't available here yet, but hopefully that won't be too long coming!!!
DVD playback is also very impressive too.
So far I haven't noticed any of the problems that have been mentioned by others here, all I've got to do now is take care with the running in for a week or two & enjoy what looks like money well spent.
For anyone thinking of getting one, I'd totally recommend case you hadn't noticed, I'm one happy guy :D




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I know the feeling, we had ours a week. I got home tonight and found the panel turned off :eek:

enjoy :D


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Stop it!! You're making me upset!! I'm jealous...where the hell is mine!?


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Sorry mate, but take it from me, it'll be well worth the wait :)



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yeah looking forward to getting my 42" next week hopefully, pictures of course to follow


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Yep, first thing I did after setting t up was take it out of Dynamic mode. Am currently running it in the cinema mode & have turned down the brightness & contrast to about 35-40%. After a few weeks I'll run a THX disc, or buy a DVE disc, & set it up properly.
Trouble is, I've got to work this weekend :(


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People should buy a DVE/AVIA straight away, if calibrated properly you won't get image retention or screen burn.


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Would you advise setting it up with a DVE/AVIA disc instead of running it in with lower brightness/contrast levels as advised by others here?
I have a THX disc (Nemo) that I could use.

Pattaya Dave

Congratulation on your new purchase. I purchased my TH50PV500M about 3 weeks ago and love it. I'm still using the break-in settings, but like you, I have experienced none of the problems that have been reported on this forum. Good luck and enjoy.


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Just wondering if you guys actually did some comparison on a decent feed and not from the over subscribed Retailer shelf feeds.

Everyone is going on about how good the pannys are but when I look on the shelf at currys JL or comet they all look about the same on crappy analog feed.

When I compared the Hitachi, Pioneer and panny pv500 on a dvd component progressive they all looked to me to be excellent.

After looking at the analog feed in the showroom I would not buy any of them because they all look poor compared to crt in that environment.

Just wondering....


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As my viewing will mainly be analogue (for now) I spent quite a bit of time researching the PQ of many screens primarily with an analogue feed, & yes I agree that most of the 'shop' one's I saw weren't that good, as they'll usually be linked to several TV's at the same time, or have the signal boosted. I noticed the ones in places like Comet, Curry's, Dixons, etc varied quite considerably (the same models PQ often looked different in different branch's), so I came to the conclusion that they couldn't be relied on. But I guess they only want to show people the high quality HD feeds, as most people will be in awe of that & get the credit card out just on the strength of what they see, rather than doing a bit of research first.
I was also fortunate enough to have a few friends with screens so I was able to check out the PQ they were getting too.
I guess it's just down to taking your time & doing plenty of research before committing to a purchase.


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thats exactly why i used this forum and the web for research. i got opinions from people using them in the right environments. :)

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