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Finally HTPC Hardware PLease Review !!!


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Hi Guys,

Finally after mooching round the interent i have got together a list of the hardware i require to build a HTPC i think !!!! Please could you take a look and see what you think as i would like to order this in the next few days. The only issue i have is it is a little it more expensive than i wanted to spend so if anyone can see these cheaper or alternatives i will take all info on board


Case Silverstone LC20B £96.59 (Scan)
Motherboard Gigabyte GA-EG41MF-US2H £55.70 (Ebuyer)
Processor Intel Core Duo E7400 2.8 £85.56 (Ebuyer)
RAM Kingston 4GB DDR2 800 £46.99 (Ebuyer)
PSU Corsair 450W Modular £52.20 (Ebuyer)
Hard Disk 2 x 1.5 TB Samsung F2 SATA-2 £110.00 TOTAL (Aria)
Graphics Spahire HD4350 256 1GB £22.53 (Ebuyer)
Fan Scythe Mini Ninja £26.82 (Ebuyer)
TV Card Hauppage WinTV TD500 £50.48 (Ebuyer)
Blu Ray Lite ON IHOS £52.00 (Scan)
OS Windows 7 £65.00 (Ebuyer)
Keyboard Keysonic Wirless £29.00 (Ebuyer)

Right i think thats it guys, any feed back would be great or thoughts as i think in total it just hits about £680 MY GOD !!!!!!

Cheers Guys


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Seems a bit.. overkill. What are you intending on doing on it that requires so much processing power (and storage space)?

I would advise doing it in steps too.

If I were building it (for me), I would drop the Core2Duo to a Celeron E3200, 4GB Kingston DDR2 to 2x 1GB Crucial, Corsair 450w to an Antec EarthWatts 380w, drop the aftermarket cooler and use the stock one (that case should have plenty of room), change the Intel motherboard + ATi GPU to a Geforce 9300 based motherboard, buy one hard drive (for now), add the tv tuner later on after you have everything else up and running, use a wired keyboard temporarily until you can get a decent wireless one, and add a media center remote to your shopping list. Plus, if you're a little bit savvy, you could consider using linux and mythtv/xbmc instead of Windows, which would save the license fee.
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Its a nice setup.

You can cut back, say only get 1 hdd this month, use the stock CPU cooler for a month etc.

get what you need to get running the add bits later.

Im currently changing my default Fans for Silent etc, I wasnt to fussed straight away as it could be done at a later date.


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Hi Ian,

Agree with Spinke on the power unit, the Antec 380 Earthwatts is great unit and cheaper (i think it's cheaper on E-buyer than Scan).

Also, i brought a ninja for my last project and ended up just using the stock cooler in the end as it was quiet enough... something you can always upgrade later if you need to, I haven't felt the need yet...

Quite simialr to a build I am looking at, but I am going down the AMD road...

Oh, and as the others said, you can always buy the other HD later on down the line.. by the time you get aroud to it, you will probably get a 2TB one for the same price...



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Just thought you might like to know i have the keysonic keyboard but its not recognised before loading windows so i cant enter the bios without getting my wired keyboard. Just fyi :)

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