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Finally got the thumbs up from the wife...


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This is my first post, so I better make it a good one...

After years of sneaking smaller purchases here and there under the spousal radar, and growing my BluRay and HD-DVD collection beyond reasonable, I have come to a point where I wanted to do something more.

My wife and I are in the process of dividing land and building a new property and after much discussion it has been agreed that the current 70" HDTV just wont cut it, and with a bit of persuasion I have managed to get the all clear to build a dedicated theatre room (on the proviso that I give up drinking, which is easier to go back on later than removing a room on the house once built ;)) and a generous budget with which to operate in.

We are realistically about 8months from construction, and 24 months from completion (of the house), however there is no time like the present to begin planning the theatre.

My plan is for a 5m x 7m room, with 3m ceiling. I am planning to double frame this to isolate the sound within the theatre, and there will be 2 sealed doors between the theatre and the rest of the house to minimise transference. Air conditioning will also be covered, with S-bend in the pipework and lined with acoustic dampening material so that and future children are not woken up by demons in the A/C.
Inside the room I am expecting to have 2 rows of 4 seats, with raised rear seating, and accomodating a 7.1 configuration of sound.

I look forward to getting much advice on the above, and construction-wise, I need as much information as possible to ensure that the building contractors do it properly, so please fire away any suggestions, or point out considerations I may not have made. Ideally room prep is 100% more important than any hardware considerations, as it is the least upgradable later down the track.

Equipment-wise, I will be initially retaining my current A/V receiver, which is a Yamaha RX-V3900 (which only recently replaced my poor RX-V1600)

Screen will be an SMX ProCurve, and I am hoping to squeeze a 180" in there for that ultimate experience, but I am not sure about throw distance and so forth for the projector.

Projector is currently undecided... my reason for that is I am hoping that after 20-24 months when I actually NEED the projector, that there will be native 2.4:1 projectors which will save me having to go down the anamorphic lens/sled setup. Eitherway, if a lens is needed, I'm fairly certain that a Panamorph will be the best price/performance for my needs. I am budgeting around $8,000 for the projector, and $3-4,000 for the anamorphic lens setup.

SPEAKERS:... This is causing me some pain at the moment... I initially was fairly set on the B&W CM9 theatre with an additional pair of surrounds for the rear channels (7.1) however it was suggested to me, and I fell head over heels for the Krix Neuphonix, Epicentrix, and Acoustix (with Seismix 5 sub) not to mention they are locally manufactured. The problem that became apparent after some research however, was that the Krix run a nominal impedance of 4ohm, which is outside the reach of the 3900's 6ohm (or 4ohm fronts) capability. Given the obvious weight of the 3900 (and power supply), I am fairly convinced that the AVR would actually cope with driving the Krix's for an extended period of time, but not 100% sure whether I am willing to drop the cash on a gamble, or whether I should just go for the B&Ws?

Anyway - this was really just the first step in sharing my thoughts so far with a crowd of people that can hopefully be a sounding board for my deviousness, and help me evolve this project so that the end product will be something I can really be happy with.

So thoughts, ideas, criticism? :lesson:


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very exciting project..... look forward to seeing it evolve. Best of luck...

Oh.... and get more budget :) by the time you are ready, i'm sure we'll want to change your receiver!


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What an opportunity! Sounds fantastic.

One thing I would say about the projector - don't hold your breath for a 2.4:1 aspect ratio from a projector and almost certainly not at that budget point.
Other things i would say would be to research into sound absorbancy and sound deadening - they are not the same thing! Also, keep in mind how much space you are prepared to loose with prupose built acoustic panels. Ones designed to absorb a wide range of frequencies are very thick.

Oh, to live in America - where houses are larger than matchboxes!


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I had a chat to a bloke at Krix who reckons that plenty of people run the same setup (3900 and neuphonix 7.1) and no problems unless running in a huge room, and at very high levels.

Given this is a dedicated movie room, I dont expect hours on end of ear-splitting sound.

In terms of sound absorbtion.. I am intending for the double frame and insulation as well as acoustic treated gyprock to isolate the movie room from the house. In terms of in room, I am expecting to use sound traps on the walls to keep the sound good. Unsure on placement etc, so I may need help with that.. which is why I am here i guess.

I am expecting to lose some internal volume in the room with double framing, so I expect the finished room to be approx 4.5x6.5 internally (roughly) so I am prepared to lose a couple of seats for a spaced out 3+3 arrangement if need be. Thats all flexible.

And no I am not in America, I am in Australia, but lucky enough to be building on a reasonable sized bit of land compared to the rubbish tiny stuff that usually gets sold around here.

Now that I know the Krix will work with my system, I am pretty certain I will go with those as my speaker, as I love the sound, I like the idea of supporting a locally made product, and the price is amazing at their quality point.

You make a good point on the projector... I am hoping that by the time 2 years has rolled by, 2.4:1 projectors will be more "mainstream", and given that it wasn't that long ago that a 60" FullHD LCD would set you back around $10,000, I don't think that its entirely unreasonable to expect a 2.4:1 projector to settle to around $12,000 - $15,000 or less. At the very least by this time I would expect that lens/sled systems would be more convenient.

So what are people's suggestions in terms of construction techniques to quieten the sound externally, and also what are good ideas in terms of keeping it quality inside?


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Just a quick tidbit;

Council have approved division - woo - so now the real work begins... Demolition and services provisioning.

I have an appointment today with a local home theatre guy who says that he can spec a theatre room and consult with builder on contruction techniques and so forth - and also has the Krix setup running off a Marantz preamp/power amp combo, so I will be interested to hear the difference between running from an all-in-one AV reciever to a pre/post combo.

Hopefully this will give me some ideas, or at least a bit of a kick start to finalising the house plans so we can get a provisional plan submitted to council for comment.

Ah the joy.


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After spending an hour and a half one-on-one with this guy, on a Saturday when they aren't even supposed to be open, I feel pretty good.
Had most of my questions answered and now have some real direction in terms of planning.

The demo room he had was around 4.5x6m in size and was running a Runco projector (I think the RS900 fitted with cinema/autoscope) displayed on a 133" 2.4:1 screen with Marantz 8003 series pre and power amp.
Speakers were Krix Neuphonix, Epicentrix, 2 sets of Mega Phonix surrounds and the Seismix5 subwoofer.
Also on display was the Cbus lighting system, nuvo multi-room audio and some amazing Philips WiFi control system to put it all together.

I have decided to re-evaluate the screen size after having a chat about projectors... given I am not keen on spending $60,000 on a 3chip projector that will do justice to such a large screen i am probably going to settle for something closer to a 150". It wont be wall to wall, but it will be big enough to satisfy me.
The Runco on display though was simply breathtaking... such amazing contrast and reproduction.. i was very impressed, although it was slightly on the loud side (and pricey side)

I am quite sold however on the Marantz 8003 pre/power amps - although by the time I actually come around to buying the amplifier i would imagine that there will be a new model, so I am not going to cement myself into anything now.

Listening to the Krix speakers amped up to a good level was really worthwhile and confirmed exactly why I want to use these - taking one of my own BluRays (Quantum of Solace) was also handy, as I have watched the opening Aston Martin chase scene about 50 times, LOL.

What was also great was the that Krix Neuphonix in this setup were front ported, not rear ported which solves on of the issues I was concerned about with putting them close to the wall (had no idea they came front or rear ported)... problem solved.

I really have a bit more direction now in terms of construction requirements and room dimensions/sizing as well as confirmation that what i want to do is realistic inside my budget.

The other thing that I found very re-assuring was that this demo room shares a wall with a neighboring call centre office, meaning that the advice on soundproofing that I got was very handy :)

So anyway - that is the first hurdle crossed. Now to have a chat to the builder...


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Well... as is quite often the case, life can get in the way as it did here.
The plans with the initial builder fell through, and took us a LONG time to find something else we liked, then even after we signed a contract, another 4 months for council approval... sheesh!

Anyway - I construction has now begun on our house, and I am very lucky to have a 4,350mm x 5,990mm dedicated theatre room.


We are probably about 20 weeks away from completion, but in the meantime it hasn't stopped me shopping.

I went to my local HiFi shop today and bought a few things...

Marantz UD5007 3D Bluray player
Marantz AV7005 Pre-amplifier/processor
Marantz MM7055 5ch Power Amplifier
Marantz MM7025 2ch Power Amplifier
Krix Neuphonix (front ported)
Krix Epicentrix
Krix Dynamix (2 pairs)
Krix Volcanix

I have no idea where I am going to store it for 20 weeks so it may just have to be installed in my current theatre for now... :p

I was very happy with the price - I checked retail, checked online pricing and then went to the store expecting to be quoted pretty high and having to haggle hard, but straight off the bat the guy gave me a great price and ended up about $2,500 better off than the online prices even, and about $4,000 better off than I expected to be quoted... well done!

I think that will do for now, when we are closer to completion I will head back in for the video side. Going to go for a SMX Procurve40 in the 140" wide (156" diagonal) and mate it to a JVC DLA-X90R projector. Unsure what lens I will go with yet, was looking at Panamorph UH480 but will see what happens in 20 weeks hey.

The demo room at the shop had the same screen, but with the Krix commercial cinema range speakers (omg - HUGE) and also had a stack of amplifiers that would take me about 5 years to earn the money to pay for, haha.
The best part was the hydraulic lounge the had set up.. looked like a regular 2 seat leather cinema chair, but when the cranked the opening scene of Star Trek, all of a sudden the chair starts moving around - shaking with explosions etc. When the shuttle took off and the seat seemed to levitate and sway around that was it for me... I had to ask to turn it off... not my thing at all, but very cool none the less.

Anyway - thread revived and no doubt I will have some questions soon.


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Question -
I am planning on running 10AWG OFC through the wall cavity in conduits for the speaker channels and also run HDMI cables ETC - is it a good idea to put plates in the wall and connect the speakers via banana clips, or is it better to simply clamp the wires direct to the posts?
I am concerned that plates and banana clips may only add more resistance to the cable run???


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Well, I picked up the speakers and amps last week and set them up in my existing home to enjoy while the new home is under construction.

I just have them set up as 5.1 for the moment, and the 2ch amp and second pair of surrounds are stored.
Using XLR cables to connect the 7005 and 7055.

I must say I am VERY impressed. Even in a solid brick room, with hardwood floors and leather furniture in a perfect square shape (every "dont" in the book) the sound is so much clearer, dynamic and powerful than before.

my favourite action opening scene, the opening car chase from Quantum of Solace got a thorough working out, and the neighbours I am sure am sick of it. It's pretty much been non-stop movie watching for the last few days.

I used some 10AWG OFC to connect everything up, happy with it so will probably run that through the walls.
I ended up having to use banana plugs to connect speakers as although the terminals on the AV7005 will happily squeeze in 10AWG, the terminals on the speakers wouldnt. Ideally a 12 max, or biwired with 14AWG is the preference.

The first time I played sound through the system, it was an audio CD. Just some RnB rubbish sitting in arms reach, but sounded very crisp and defined. The AV7005 also takes my iPhone via USB so I could play my music collection on it, but as I am sure most people have found - even 320kbps MP3 files sound pretty dull and rubbish on real speakers.

I stumbled upon HD Tracks (website) which has a few 192kHz/24bit FLAC downloads, and grabbed a copy of the Dark Knight Rises soundtrack on 192/24 and was blown away. Ive got a few more albums downloading now - I don't think I will ever listen to a 44.1/16 music file ever again.

The Neuphonix and Epicentrix are amazing! the full range sound from these huge speakers is 10x better than what my whole Sony speaker system and subwoofer would output previously. Turning the Volcanix Subwoofer on and the whole thing just turns epic. It never ceases to amaze me how accurately these speakers seem to portray huge noises. You never seem to be able to percieve the transition from speaker to subwoofer and instead I am presented with simply what sounds like my house actually exploding every time I strap in to watch an action movie. The mid and high range frequency splits, cracks and splinters clearly sound out and blend seamlessly down into the powerful and percussive boom and the Volcanix has this uncanny ability to make you feel the sound in your gut, but also doesnt seem to resonate with anything in the room, so all you get is this amazing sound, a feeling of deep and powerful bass, and impressive tightness in any reproduction.

Crank the volume up to 0db and it just gets better. The noise would almost be deafening, however compared to my older, cheaper system - where increasing the volume seemed to just create noise, uncomfortably so - the Marantz/Krix combination increase the volume but maintain the listenability - so I never feel like it is "too loud", and instead only feel like I am becoming more and more part of whatever I am watching.

In short - I am very very very happy with the system, and this will only increase once it is transplanted into an acoustically controlled room, and mated to a 156" diagonal screen.

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