Finally got one :)


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after much deliberating and almost getting a sober CRT instead, a last minute impulse made me go for the Panasonic 37PA20 after all. Found a great stand for it too, only 550mm wide and 400mm deep and so the floor hasn't been taken up !

Very impressed and extremely happy with it :D

Don't be put of with images you may see it in the shop, I was put off for a while as it looked quite ordinary especially against the 37" Philips with its Pixel Plus processing. The P+ did give the shimmering but a very bright picture but the size of it let it down too.

Who cares now, I've got mine and it looks SO good. Thanks to everyone who answered my questions, now I can return the favour.


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You've had it a few days now, any further updates on PQ etc.
I am also seriously considering this set, I have compared it at great lengh side by side with Philips 37", but I think the Panny nudges it. Best I've seen it for so far is £2661, has anyone seen better?
Oh and one more question does the 37" still look impressive or do you wish you had gone for the 42"?


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still looks fine to me. In the shop the Philips did seem alot brighter but occasionally had the shimmering from Pixel Plus. The 37" is just right for me for space reasons - another deciding factor, the Philips 37" is as wide as a 42" and needs a wide stand too. That's about the best price I saw too but you will need to add the desktop stand to the price if you need it.

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