Finally Got My LG 32LC2DB Booked For Service by DBS LTD of York, Advice Needed


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Ages ago I posted about my LG 32LC2DB which I have been pretty unhappy with since I purchased it in November. It makes the buzzing sound if the contrast is below 91, the backlight is very uneven and there are vertical lines down the right hand side (banding?). Football looks awful on it as you can see constant lines through the pitch when the camera moves.

I reported it to LG and one of their staff was at least kind enough to tell me that their service level was terrible as they were having problems with their service centre in Wales. He advised me to wait before booking a service.

I have lived with these issues for a couple of months now and today I decided to give them another go.

After a frankly baffling conversation with an African gentleman who was very hard to understand my TV has been booked to be serviced by a company called DBS LTD of York. (I live in Harrogate).

He said I might get an on site service or they might send a courier to take the set away.

I was wondering if anyone here has had any experience with this company or might know what kind of service I should expect. Has anyone else had any service from LG recently and what was the outcome.


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Just a quick update.

The set was picked up today, they turned up exactly on time and seem to know what they're doing. Said it will take 4 working days to get it back to me.

They also know that all my issues are known faults with this set.

The buzzing is the power supply I think and so they are replacing that as well as the whole screen.

Fingers crossed it won't have any dead pixels or other crap wrong when it gets back.

Now going to watch my semi working old 24" CRT which I just dragged out of storage. Glad I didn't chuck it now.


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Appreciate the update on this one m8.

Want to do exactly the same, as I have the same issues. So if your buzzing is resolved I'll be on the dog'n'bone straight away.

Let us know how you get on :smashin:


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Interesting post. Lots of useful guidance.
The issue I personally have is I am on my 5th set in 1 yr :eek:
Two Hyundai Q321 - first was exchanged by Novatech to fix the known SkyHD issue with this set. Then I got the second one replaced by Novatech because of the other well known lip-sync issue.
My third set (first LG 32LC2DB - kept the faith with Novatech again). unfortunately arrived damaged - bad courier. Fourth one arrived - but has this buzzing issue. Novatech agreed to replace this for an identical one - unfortunately with the identical buzz.
So the issue is - I really like the set, and Novatech support have bent over backwards for me. I want to stay with the set and Novatech and get the root cause fixed. If that is the power supply then I will go with this fix on fail repair rather than another replacement with probably the same issue.


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I had a Polaroid which actually blew up on me last October. I was watching it and smoke started coming out and then the power supply went bang. PC World swapped it, this time for a Logik which had better connections. That was covered in dead pixels so they changed it again this time for the LG. The LG has buzzing and banding issues and a horrible leaky backlight, but no dead pixels.

It was supposed to be returned today but after I phoned to find out where they were they said it will now be tomorrow. They reckon the set is fine now. If it comes back with dead pixels I will kick off.


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Well guess what? Got the set back today and nothing has been done!

STILL buzzes, leaky backlight, lines down screen. You could tell they hadn't even looked at it as all the settings were the same and it didn't need retuning, in fact it was still on Ceebeebies where my daughter was watching it before they took it.

Rang DBS but they were shut. Rang LG who said all I can do now is write to them! I am going to kick off with DBS first thing in the morning, big time.

So I can conclude 2 things now, LG TV's are crap. And DBS York are a bunch of useless, incompetent thieves.

Anyone got any suggestions?


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Sad to learn LG are so useless :( Puts me off phoning them altogether. My 32LC2D also has the buzzing and an uneven backlight and it doesn't really reach satisfactory quality in my opinion. Having to leave the contrast on 91 compromises picture quality too. The picture is far more natural and realistic on contrast 70-80 but then it buzzes. Then there's the Freeview guide problems on about 10% of the channels where the guide will take 2 minutes to load.

Wishing now I exercised my option of a refund when I took the first set back to Comet (after the Comet engineer had written it off). Stupidly I took another 32LC2D and it had the same problems :rolleyes:


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I think if LG are proving no help the only answer is to go back to the retailer and demand a refund.

Seems lots of LCDs have buzzing problems these days, PC monitors too not just LCDTVs, and it always seems to relate to either a brightness, contrast or backlight setting. It must be whatever regulates the power to the backlight, same way a light dimmer switch buzzes when you turn it down. Why some TVs buzz and some don't though, I dunno, must be cheap components.


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If you find yourself being increasingly fobbed off, send a letter to the retailer quoting "Sale of Goods Act 1979 quotes", unfortunalty the law states its the retailer who has to act on this.

Don't be fobbed off. No-one is above the law, that includes large companies.


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Well DBS have agreed to collect the set again on Tuesday. I have asked them to provide a loan machine this time which I will not give back until mine is working (if they do agree to give me one).

LG's service is awful and my best advice to everyone here is do not buy any LG product again, as I certainly won't be.

I will let you know how I get on with DBS this time.


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Well DBS phoned me today and a really rude woman told me there was nothing wrong with my TV and I should go back to LG if I am not happy!

Then later a man called me from DBS and said he was in the area and could he take my TV now!?! He did not have a loan set for me so I told him to get stuffed.

Then they phoned again asking to collect the set on Tuesday. I have since emailed them and told them they cannot have the TV without a loan set as they have killed any confidence I had in them with their first phone call today.

I have also emailed Consumers Direct for help with this.

I cannot beleive how hard it is just to get a blatent fault sorted. I intend to take this matter to court and there is no way I am giving these idiots my TV again.


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Based on the buzz and backlight bleed, a comet engineer did write off my first set after seeing it in my house. Dunno who your retailer was but you might want to try going down that same route. I should also add that I first took the set into the comet store where they set it up in the back and couldn't hear the buzz (in a noisy warehouse) and coudn't see the backlight bleed (in a well lit room). DBS probably set it up in the same sort of environment, didn't see anything majorly wrong and just stuck it back in the box.

About taking people to court, of course you only have a contract with the retailer. You haven't bought anything from LG and you haven't contracted DBS to fix your set either. You do have rights to take action against the retailer though.

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