finally found decent lcd for pc use :)


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After sending back in the following order a sony 32v4000 and a panasonic 32lzd80. I have now got a samsung le32559 model and very happy not only does it do perfect 1:1 mapping via pc input, it also has a great picture on the built in digital and so many options for tweaking I have barely started. The only downside to this tv which I was expecting is the poor speakers they have little bass but will do for normal watching. In this regard the panasonic blows this tv away but for everything else I would stick to this tv, I didnt like the plasticy looking picture on the panasonic to much enhancements for me but Im sure everyone has there own taste, anyway I wont have to keep coming to this forum to find out what tv to get now as I am sorted :thumbsup:

Jim Barry

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Nice one. I sent back a 32V4000 and a 32LZD85. Finally ended up with the Sharp LC32D65E which at least has a decent-looking SD picture. Despite supporting 1:1 mapping, however, it's not so great as a computer monitor because it seems that the panel only has 6-bit colour depth with dithering being used to simulate 8-bit colour. Also the pixel order is BGR instead of RGB which would be a bit annoying for ClearType fonts. Still, it hardly matters as the TV was bought as a second set for the kitchen.

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