Finally, Finally, Finally !!


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My LC32GA3E was delivered yesterday morning !

Unfortunately, by the time I got home (9pm) I didn't get chance to do much apart from rip it out of it's box, take the old tv off and put the new Sharp in it's place and connect it to freeview. During the ad breaks in Desperate Housewives I tried different settings from the "GA3/GA4 Settings" thread.

Just about to order the DVE DVD but first impressions are pretty good to say I've got it connected to a Digifusion Freeview box through a freebie SCART cable (I do have a 5m SCART waiting to be connected). Still need to fiddle with settings and all plus our viewing angle isn't great at the moment.....not until it gets wall mounted this weekend that is !

Might try a DVD tonight but will wait until I get it wall hung to watch Star Wars or The Matrix in full.

Where did I get the set from you may ask ? John Lewis ! After a month and a half of waiting (I ordered this on the 10th of December), JL finding a set for me only for it to be sold onto someone else just before Christmas, luckily finding another one and it taking over 2 weeks for it to travel from Edinbrough to London, I have it ! Pricematched too to £1369, but with JL trying to save face in their complete c*ck ups in getting this set to me (They were going to give me a GA5 without me knowing) they knocked off another £69 making a grand total of £1300. Superb.

Have I got the very last GA3 in the UK ?



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Hey, got to keep the wife happy somehow after spending that amount on a TV !


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