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Finally did it - bought a Samsung 42P2S

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs' started by Bada Bing, Mar 9, 2003.

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    Aug 8, 2001
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    I'm pretty happy with it, and will wall mount the bad boy this afternoon before the F1 starts. I'm not completely happy with a couple of things though:

    Blacks aren't entirely convincing in dark films, but I may have to play about with the custom setting for that. My previous TV, a Sony KP41DS1U gave far better blacks. Also there appears to be an over-zealous gamma correction by default, anyone know what I mean? It shows up the transition beteen light and dark tones as quite harsh on some video modes, but Movie and Mild seem to minimise it.
    And the lack of component-in is disturbing, (especially since the salesperson in Richer Sounds said it was present) but I'm not that bothered right now as all my equipment is RGB Scart out.

    However, once I hooked up Sky Digital via RGB Scart (I hooked it up to the VCR Composite Scart last night and was a little miffed!) I was convinced the move to plasma was the right thing to do. The colours are great, and the lack of scanlines means lines and angles are far more defined than on a CRT. GT3, Metroid Prime and Rez are going to look awesome on this.

    All in all I'm happy, but am I being short-sighted by not buying a screen with Component? I'm pretty sure RGB Scart will be around for a few years yet, right?

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