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Feb 21, 2003
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ive decided the time is right to take the plunge and buy my first projector. i came to this conclusion after recently seeing a pt-ae300 in action and was very impressed with it, considering the price that its fallen to with the release of the pt-ae500.

the only thing holding me back is the thought that in 6months time i might wish id have paid the extra to get the ae500.

i have read other threads about the ae300 v ae500 both here and on other forums that have had conflicting outcomes. from what ive read i beleive the ae500 is a good step forward over the ae300, however the biggest advantages seem to come from sources like HDTV or a HTPC (which i dont have) and that when using a relatively cheap dvd player (which i do have) the advantages diminish greatly.

considering the fact that my cash flow isnt endless, do you think the ae500 is worth the extra £300+ it would cost me? or would i be better off ploughing that money into something like... a dedicated screen (over a cheapo blackout blind) or a subwoofer (currently using some b&w604s3's with matching centres+rears) or some dvds or.. etc etc. :smoke:

apologies for what is probably yet another 'what projector should i buy' thread but i plead ignorance as im new to all this :)

any advice/feedback/other options appreciated.
Spend the extra money on the 500 you will not regret it.

Especially when you realise that you need to buy a new hcpc then an electric screen,subwoofer,dvds,new kitchen sink etc.:laugh:

Now seriously i thought about upgrading from the 100 to the 300 but didn't see enough of a jump in pq so i went with the 500 and am delighted i did. Although i am admittedly watching movies via a pc.



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