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Finally decided on the Z1 (I think!!!)

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by SpiderManPants, Apr 11, 2003.

  1. SpiderManPants


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    Hi all,

    After much p*ssing about with widescreen televisions and rear projection systems etc. I think I've finally decided to take the plunge and get myself a projector. Having owned a Panasonic 29" 4:3 TV for the last 5 or 6 years, I have been unimpressed by the way 16:9 televisions handle 14:9 broadcast material on the whole.

    In order to solve my problem of big screen movies without compromising my girlfriends soap watching, I have decided that a new 4:3 TV (Sony KV29LS30) and a front projector is the way to go. I had initially thought of buying the new Sony KF-42SX200 LCD rear-pro but I think that after watching things like 'The Bill' on it all week the impact will be lost when the weekend comes around and it's time to watch a movie!

    So my questions are as follows...

    1. Is the Sanyo PLV-Z1 the best option under £1500?

    2. What is the best (manual pulldown) 16:9 screen to match it with?

    3. What Prog-Scan DVD player would you recommend to partner with it? (I currently have the Pioneer 646A and probably won't be upgrading this for a while)

    4. Would a HCPC be a better option than a DVD player, and if so, why?

    Any help would be very much appreciated, as I'm a newbie to all this projector stuff!!! :confused:

    My room is about 12' long, if it helps...

    Thanks in advance


    By the way the rest of my system is just about sorted... Although it has taken about 6 years to get here!

    UK Xbox
    Pioneer 646A
    Denon 3801
    Rotel RMB-1075
    M&K S85 (Front Three)
    M&K MX-70B Sub
    Cheapo Sony Rears - (soon to be M&K K4's)
  2. Gordon @ Convergent AV

    Gordon @ Convergent AV
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    Jul 13, 2000
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    Living in Surrey, covering UK!
    Mr Pants, I think you've posted in wrong forum....More answers might be forthcoming in LCD proj or general hardware forums.

  3. SpiderManPants


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    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr - Thought I was in Projectors Forum :mad:

    (Mods Please can you move this, thanks :blush: )

    Thanks Gordon...
  4. rorschach2000


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    Hi SpiderManPants,

    I own a Z1 and I don't regret for a minute buying it. I love it. I also am a newbie, but i think now I can clasify myself as semi-newbie now post purchase.

    I was shopping for a pj for a few years, I was interested in the Sony cineza when it first came out and then heard about the HS10. These specs impressed me so I was saving for it. I was waiting for a review of it at projectorcentral.com and before they did the posted a review of the Z1. I was instantly impressed by the review. It was alot cheaper and still got rave reviews. So i went looking for a local suppllier, (I live in Sydney Australia), found one, went to see it, loved bought it right there and then. :)

    Your questions.

    1. I think so, the PT-L300U also received a good review http://www.projectorcentral.com/panasonic_pt_l300u.htm

    This came out after i bought my Z1 but i would still purcahse the Z1.

    For me the best feature of the Z1 are:
    -. picture quality
    -. lens shift, i never knew about this until i bought it, move the lens up/down left/right without sacrificing picture quality this an awesome feature and from what I have read no other low budget pj has this feature. No worry about pj positiong and no need for keystone correction which affects picture quality.
    -. HUGE picture, mine is 3meters wide from about 14feet away.
    -. I don't see any screen door affect ppl are talking about. (you may see more or less of this i think depending on how good your eyesight is i think)
    -. very quiet in power saving mode

    2. I don't have a screen, straight to my wall, looks fantastic. I see no reason for a screen so can't help you there. The wall is a creamy white colour with some dents in it but i can't see them when the pj is on.

    3. The pj came free with a dvd player and dolby digital system. It's non-progressive and only has s-video output. I was a bit ****** about these limitations but s-video looks great to me and I can't see how a progressive player will make that much a difference, in fast moving scense yes but still worth the worry in IMO.

    4. PC provides beter quality picture, PC's have work in progressive scan mode and high resolution thats why. I did test my pc with the pj, looks great and games were fantastic too. Still i decided to stay with the dvd player s-video output as it was till a great looking picture and a pc from me is not very convenient.

    In my opinion as a newbie and not an avid HT enthusiast I don't care about having the absolute best of every piece which is why i thining upgrading to progressing or using pc for HT or using component vesus s-video is important to me. Forget all the technical mumbo jumbo, go see it and see if you like it. Let your eyes decide not the specs.

    Hope this was too much of a useless ramble for you. Feel free to email me any questiosn if you like at rorschach_2000@hotmail.com


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