Finally complete - PD7200 Install


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As the Living Room was to get redecorated - (Thanks to an incompetent builder knocking a hole in my wall from the kitchen through to the living room.) I decided to take this opportunity to install a Hitachi PD7200.

As with all AV kit if you upgrade one thing the rest are sure to follow....

You cant plug that in to one of those...... to get the best out of it you must use this cable....etc. Technology!! oh why did I start!

So I decided to go for an upgrade on most of my kit:

New Kit

Hitachi PD7200
Pioneer 575S
Denon AVR2805
B&W MT (x5)
Pronto Pro NG TSU7000
Sony Slimline PS2
Sony PSP (white)
Ipod Nano 2GB (black)
Bang and Olufsen Beocom 2 (Gold)
Bang and Olufsen Beotalk 1200
Bang and Olufsen A8

Existing Kit

Philip's Pronto RU930
Sony SLV E730
Telewest Cable Box
Sony K315S Laptop
Microphone Mixer
Sennheiser Wireless Radio Mic
Sony PC109 Camcorder

Allot of preparation has gone into the room beforehand:

I have laid network cables from spare room (Main PC) around the house under the floorboards to all rooms. I have laid AV cables from the Living Room to the Spare Room, again under the floorboards. I have had the outside aerial and the surround L/R speaker wire laid under the living room floorboards.The walls were then stripped and raggled ready to fit all the plasma cables. A Remote control double dimmer light switch has been fitted.

The worst part was ensuring the Plasma will stay up on the wall. The brick work is not great and crumbles very easily. Had to use x2 anchor bolts per normal bolt.

It has stayed up for a week and regular checks have shown there has been no movement (Rumble of Sub may change that!)

All in all it looks great to me and just how I wanted it. Had to maintain original features and use as a Living Room as well as being able to crank up the volume and enjoy a great cinema room which I feel it has achieved.

I have a projector in the bedroom and a Pioneer amp attached to the spare Plasma speakers which are all hidden under the bed.

I have a flip down LCD fitted in the Kitchen.

HTPC in the spare room, network wired round the house.

Update 1:

Recently purchased two Bang and Olufsen products, The Beocom 2 (Graham Norton Phone) and the Beotalk answer machine. Man I do love the look of these two products. The phone is so cool, I love the look of it. It makes a nice statement in the house. You can label the phone for recognition from the base station which is then displayed on the phone.This has now been nicknamed 'Goldmember' - I like Gold! The answer machine is cool as well it can announce callers (like a ring tone, voice)

Update 2:

After a bit of research, I decided to order the TSU 7000. This produced a huge saving by buying overseas. I purchased this from 'Bluedo' as they seemed pretty reliable as allot of other members have also purchased from them with no issues. I was most happy as the package arrived marked 'Gift';) The display is fantastic! This really does complete the living room and add the fun to controlling all my equipment. I have spent the best part of 6 hours programming it, but it is worth it it now looks the Dogs.

Update 3:

I have taken the free portable DVD player I got with my plasma back to John Lewis as it is Sh#t. They very kindly let me change this for an Ipod Nano. :thumbsup: Nice.

Update 4

Scarface Canvas has been added to the spare room. Look at the Pelican Fly!!! Go Pelican!

Also picture of PC set up including the famous movie chair the Herman Miller Aeron :)

Purchased a set of the B&O A8 headphones. These are used with Ipod and PSP.



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Its a Zen Glazed Sideboard from Omni Furnishing:

The frosted glass looks cool as the buttons glow inside!

Yes sub in the middle. The middle door I usually open when watching movies, the door opens flush against the unit. The doors dont rattle as they close with magnets. (Even with the door closed it sounds good) :thumbsup:


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I've just been browsing some of the handiwork here and i really like what you've done there: Simple and sleek,and not over the top.
Very nice! :thumbsup:


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Cheers mate. I am well happy with the result!



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Sounds fantastic to me!!! Great for all the Christmas DVD's!!! :thumbsup: :D


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New pictures added.

Jon Boy

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Very nice mate , its nice to installs where people put a bit of thought into it rather than just plugging it all in and taking a picture!

Nice work :smashin:



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See Update 1 at the top of the page.


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They are used for a little bit of Karaoke. :smashin:

I have set the DVD analogue connections to run through the mixer and the mic into the mixer and then outputed to the AV amp and that way I can have DVD Karaoke with a nice Radio Mic.


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Neighbors don't think so! :devil:


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Update 4 added.



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Muzzyboy said:
Neighbors don't think so! :devil:

bet they don't upset you with noise, imagine the pain you could cause with that microphone :devil:

nice setup though mate :thumbsup:


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The guy to right of us is always singing and strumming on his guitar. Just as well that I can crank my system up to compensate. :devil:

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