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Peter Baker

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Sep 6, 2003
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Yes that's right,
After all the trials, most of which have been detailed in threads here, I have finally taken the plunge, and have purchased the Proceed AVP/AMP5 ex-dem combination.
I always ended up going back to the sound quality of this pairing, particularly on music, where the 3D nature of the soundstage, the warm enveloping sound on 2 channel, and the great sense of timing just made it very difficult for others to compete.

I know that I am not getting PrologicII, and this is a bit difficult to accept. That said, on standard Prologic, the separation between voices, and the reproduction of soundtrack music, adds a lot to my previous experience.
Since installing the amps, I have not watched any DD/DTS films, but when I demo'd this previously, it seemed comparable to pretty much anything else I heard. Perhaps a little less rear information, but a very wide front soundstage, sweeping around to the rear with great coherence.

The pre/pro developed a fault on home dem, but this proved a blessing in disguise, as Harmon were able to effect a repair quickly and efficiently.
This helped to reassure me on support availability on a discontinued line, one of my major concerns.

I feel that the power amp would be difficult to better this side of £4k, as it is essentially a pared down Levinson (although not pared down much at 8st weight).
The pre/pro suits me just fine, but I might consider an upgrade to Levinson when it is launched, and assuming a decent trade in offer.
Even then, I'm not sure that recent developments have improved DD/DTS 5 channel sound, which is all I want currently.

Anyway, thanks to all who have contributed to threads on this subject, it has been truly helpful.

Best regards


Congrats on the purchase, I have followed your posts and had a sneaking suspicion you would buy the Proceed combo.

There really is no perfect pre/pro and power combo out there, it seems they all have their plus and minus points. Also we all have different priorites and format / connection needs.

Just a quick question, supposing the Proceed wasn't an option, which one would you have chosen? :)

Might have sprung for the Meridian G68/G55, or the Bryston SP1.7/9BSST.
Or could have saved money with the Naim AV2/Meridian 558

All were good, but the Proceed was better to me than the Naim, and £2-3k less than the others.

How's the MF kit, I missed trying this.

Had a bit of an upgrade last year and put my AV and HiFi's together into one system. Tried a few integrateds around £1k to improve the 2 channel of the AV (Pioneer 2011) and ended up with an Arcam A85. This was OK but then I decided to simplify and combined both systems. At the time I was using a MF3.2CD/Pre/Power and then swapped to MF308CD/Pre/Power. I also use a Gyrodec SE/Tecnoarm/10x5/HR PSU.

The 308's are fantastic at reproducing the detail of a recording, great soundstage and image placement. The sound is very open and clear, never harsh or shouty, I listen for hours on end both to CD and vinyl.

The amplifier has loads of power and never sounds strained. They do all the round earth stuff brilliantly, for those who prefer the PRaT approach then they would be a no go I guess. Saying that my office system is based round an older Naim Pre/Power, I enjoy both systems, each has a different presentation but each get's my feet tapping.

The CD is an upsampler and while not as big a jump was noticable over the 3.2 CD as the 308 amplifiers over the 3.2's, it was a worthwhile upgrade. More refined and better soundstage. The amps were a huge step up, the 308 power is a real star.

The preamps phono stage is also pretty good as well, not just an afterthought. If you get a chance it's worth a listen.

Recent good sounds I have heard were from a system using Copland CD and Amps and Martin Logan Clarity. A full on Rega system using their new £2.5k speakers, top TT, a bunch of Exon Monoblocks and Jupiter CD. The other was at the Scottish HiFi show, your speakers and a load of tube amps and seriouly expensive SME TT setup.

I was very impressed with the G68 at a recent demo but will wait until all the inevitable bugs are fixed, meantime I may go for a 568.2.

Peter, do you have any links for the processor?

Do you know how much it was singularly? How much of the system abilities would you put down to the processor rather than the amp?


And congratulations on your buy.:smashin:
Congratulations... :smashin:

I also have a new toy, the Bel Canto eVo 6... :clap:
Very difficult to tell how much of the sound is down to the pre/pro, though it is always highly rated for sound quality. I found that the combinaation sounded much richer than a Naim AV5/Meridian 558 on an A/B demo
Not many links available, but you might be able to get to a review on

Thanks for your message.
I noticed your blind purchase on an earlier thread, and commented on it. I've heard nothing but praise for the Bel Canto, and am delighted you are pleased with it


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