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Finally after a year, I have a decent Set Up!!! LOL

How is it?

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Ryk Mchoraji

Standard Member
Well, a bit of history.

I got an LG PA 70G exactly 11 months ago and it got a technical glitch 1.5 months later !! Sent it back to LG, keep in mind I live in Nairobi Kenya. Ouch:facepalm:o_O

I then got the LG PA 75U 3 months later... couldn't believe it.:devil::mad:

So the journey to Home-theater land begun.:clap:

Getting the fabric tight against the background was a headache that cost 25$ more but, after 3 days sweat, here are the pics !!!:thumbsup:


  • Arrival Day.jpg
    Arrival Day.jpg
    130.8 KB · Views: 156
  • Frame 1.jpg
    Frame 1.jpg
    135.5 KB · Views: 145
  • Frame 2.jpg
    Frame 2.jpg
    145.2 KB · Views: 143
  • Frame 3.jpg
    Frame 3.jpg
    361.8 KB · Views: 146
  • New LG PA70G.jpg
    New LG PA70G.jpg
    131.5 KB · Views: 143
  • Set Up 1.jpg
    Set Up 1.jpg
    106.3 KB · Views: 147
  • Set Up 3.jpg
    Set Up 3.jpg
    54.4 KB · Views: 154
  • Set Up 5.jpg
    Set Up 5.jpg
    105.4 KB · Views: 157
  • Set Up 6.jpg
    Set Up 6.jpg
    91.6 KB · Views: 158
  • Set Up 7.jpg
    Set Up 7.jpg
    56.8 KB · Views: 147
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