Finally achieved a boyhood dream


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Hi all,

Since I was a child, I've always wanted to have my own home cinema. For the last few years I've enjoyed a 50 then 55" then 65" TV with surround sound which I've thoroughly enjoyed.

However, we've just moved into a new place which we want to make our 'forever home' and the living room has a large enough wall that for the first time meant a projector and screen might be possible.

My wife bless her is very encouraing and supportive of my hobby, but equally, we wanted to keep the room as a nice living space. After consulting with a local installation company, they advised on a pulldown or electronic screen that can be pulled in front of the wall mounted OLED. My wife's only compromise was that we get rid of the nasty TV unit we've always had (shown in one of the images) and have everything discretely out of site at the rear of the room.

After two days of solid work, the chap from the company left yesterday: and my dream was realised. I know it's not going to compete with a dedicated home cinema room, but the ten year old in me almost wept when I put Endgame on. It was just a wonderful experience! Yes there are always things that I could change: the ceiling is huge so the screen doesn't come down quite as low as I would like, I could probably have got away with 100" rather than 92", the trunking is a bit more sightly than having it channelled into the wall, but for the money and as an extra treat for weekend movie nights, i am delighted. The pics don't do it justice!

What I am really struck by is how much more pronounced the sound system is. I'm using the same kit from my last house, but here it just sounds SO much more cinematic (and I haven't yet run the calibration for the new room). I don't know if it's a better space or if the larger screen is psychologically tricking me, but it really feels now that I am at the cinema, whereas before, it felt like I had some really good surround speakers.

Anyway, just wanted to share my glee!


TV: LG 65C8
AMP: Anthem something or other....
RECEIVER: Anthem 720
SPEAKERS: XTZ Cinema, M6 LCR, S5 rears


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Well done with your project. Took me 5 years to convince my wife to have a projector in our living room due to it spoiling the space. Now she admits it was well worth it.


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Well done very nice job. All you have to do now is convince your dear lady to let you paint the room black!!


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Well done very nice job. All you have to do now is convince your dear lady to let you paint the room black!!
The compromise was to paint three walls a lovely dark blue (much darker than the photo looks.)


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