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Hi all, you may be pleased to hear that I have decided to buy the Z2 and so I will now stop pestering you all with questions after these final few......

Firstly my purchase will probably be from nexnix or ivojo ( they appear to be the cheapest unless any of you know other wise) Can anyone reccomend either one over the other as it will now come down to post sales support etc...

Secondly, I have seen an old LCD PJ in use and I was pretty impressed with the results, I just want to know how the Z2 will compare to this. The PJ in question was a sanyo PLC-XU20E, it has the following stats

Contrast 250:1 (Dont laugh)
1000 ansi lumen (more than the Z2)
res 1024 x 768
150W lamp.

This was projection a picture 200cm wide, I could see faint screen door ( i pressume thats what it was) but apart from that the pic seemed great. The room had alot of ambient light ( fish tank lights on and a light in the hall way shinning into the room) but the picture still seemed good to me.

The Pj was fed via a component lead from a £30 alba player and being shone onto a £20 blackout blind from IKEA. No VB visable and no dust blobs either.

My question is this, if i thought that picture was reasonable then surly I can only see an improvement from a Z2??? I will be showing the Z2 at a distance of 11Ft 4" and maybe onto a 104" (diagonal )screen...

Any one know why the older projectors never seemed to suffer from VB? I keep reading posts from panny 100 owners etc that had never seen VB until they upgraded to a 500 or equivlent?

Thank you all for your help and advice during my planning stage and choose between AE500 and Z2.



I would say ivojo because i got my Z2 from them and they were great in getting me a replacement when the first one wasnt acting nice. However, im about to purchase something else from nexnix and have talked to them twice and had various emails which they have been very good in responding to. So I would say just buy based on price, both seem to be great suppliers.

The Z2 will be an amazing improvement over the other machine you saw. To me, my first sanyo projector was pretty amazing, I think that you naturally assume a big picture wont be so good and dont expect to have something matching your crt..... but in my experience, projectors will really take you by surprise!

I think the VB is at least part due to the resolutions.... explaiing why older ones are ok



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Well done on choosing the Z2, my first projector and I find it a superb machine.

It would be unfair of me to recommend Ivojo over Nexnix, as I have never dealt with the latter, many have though, on this forum and I’m sure they would have no hesitation in singing their praises.

I have dealt with Ivojo, and found them to be 100 percent customer orientated, friendly and superbly efficient in the complete buying process.

Price of the Z2 was never an issue with me, that is to say saving £10.00 or so in getting it cheaper elsewhere was not a consideration, what I wanted was a company who could advise a complete novice in making a purchase and I’m indebted to Mr Davies of Ivojo for taking the time in helping me make that choice


Z2 pq does look great out of the box and will surely impress you but to get the best from it you will need to do a bit of tweaking. Buns guide on this (not sure where it is now!) provides excellent guidance on this.

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One thing to take into consideration is that ivojo offer a free dead pixel check, where as nexnix don't anymore.

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