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    I am intending to mount a tosh 37wlt66/68 onto a partition wall in my flat. Investigation reveals that the wall is plasterboard mounted onto metal studs. The 2 studs are 900mm apart and 820mm from the solid wall at each end. At a join with another wall at right angles behind the partition wall there is an area of hard brick, this is next to one of the metal studs.

    The previous owners had shelves professionally installed into this wall which makes me believe that it's probably a lot stronger than it looks. They did have the advantage of using the solid brick at each end of the wall though.

    I am intending to follow the plan outlined below and before starting on this, possibly this weekend, would very much appreciate any tips that you might be able to offer me on the plan that I have cobbled together from various posts in this forum.

    1) Cut out hole in plasterboard from middle of each stud - would prefer not to create a hole bigger than the TV will cover (915mm length) as i don't know how to cover this up after the job???

    2) Drill 14mm holes into the brickwork at one side

    3) Partially fill holes with "no nails" and insert 14mm dowels

    4) Attach piece of timber about 3cm thick (such that it extends to the same point as the studs) to brickwork by screwing into dowels - what size screws recommended?

    5) Cut piece of 18mm plywood to fit the gap left by plasterboard.

    6) Screw plywood into timber and attach also to metal studs - How does one attach to metal studs??????

    7) Attach bracket to plywood with as many screws as possible!

    8) Tidy up any areas of the plywood that might show outside the TV - the studs are so far apart that there is a distinct likelihood of a couple of cm halo at each side. How would I go about this??? - needs more than a lick of paint I suspect!

    I hope that all that sounds sensible and there are only a few details to comment on rather than a complete reworking! I have read posts where people have successfully mounted using just scres into plasterboard, but I value my sleep. I have heard that the metal studs are not ideal for mounting onto but think that the clincher is the brick which should provide at least one point of rock solid stability to take the load.

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