Final piece of the puzzle please!


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This is the most expensive forum I've ever been a member of ;)

A few days in the Speakers forum and I ended up with a pair of Acoustic Energy AE1 MK111's + Atacama R724 Reference stands.

A couple more days in the amp section and I saw myself with a Musical Fidelity A5 Integrated.

My plan is actually to pick up an MF A5 pre and power and eventually replace the integrated, but that's dependant on the second hand market. Source will be an Arcam DV89 for now..

Anyway, regarding this setup, my questions are:

How much should I spend on interconnects?
How much should I spend on speaker wire and should I bi-wire?
How much should I spend on banana plugs and are they all the same 'fit'?
Does anybody have any suggestions for cable and/or plugs?

Thanking you!


Nice speakers and electronics! I have always gone with the 10-15 % of sytem cost for cabling.

I have not really found that bi-wiring makes much difference to SQ. Bi-amping does however make a big improvement.

I use QED Genesis Silver Spiral Biwire for my Bi-amped B&W 803s and it made a vast improvement (clarity, tighter Bass response) but it is costly.

Chord company make great cable too - check them out (they used to be BBC enginners so know their stuff). All my interconnects - sound and video are from them.:thumbsup:


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Thanks for the reply. I've been looking round the forums and come to the informed conclusion that cables are all a big con.. I'm therefore going to go for pure vanity and choose on aesthetics alone. The Kimber 8TC look the bees knees (as far as speaker cable goes) so will be trying to pick up a second hand pair. Cheers anyway!

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