Final Furlong


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This game looks fantastic. It's the same game as the one in the arcades with the life size horses. On the Wii you use the nunchuck and remote as reins and can whip and steer the horse realistically. Anybody else interested in this? :)

I think it's due out in March/April next year.


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This should be in the Wii Games section - looks a great fun game though - Multiplayer should be a blast!


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I love the arcade game. This could be a great laugh multi player. I hope it gets good reviews. Although i can imagine this getting panned! I would prob still buy it tho! I did the same with red steel and i love that game!


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Looks good in concept but would need more than just racing to be playable long term. Perhaps it could be turned into a multiple discipline riding game. Show jumping by raising the remote similar to the cow racing in wii play perhaps.


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This is superb in the arcades, but I doubt whether they can find any depth for a console...

Demon Luci

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A bit :offtopic: but talking of arcade conversions, I'd love to see some of the arcade light-gun games ported to the Wii such as House of the Dead, Time Crisis etc. I woulld imagine it would handle the graphics well (Dreamcast did) and the Wii controller would make a great light-gun.

RDB :)

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