Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within 4K Blu-ray Review & Comments


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Great review Cas. I liked it when it first came out and i can only imagine how good it must look in 4K HDR. It's on my "to buy" list now :thumbsup:


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Thanks for the review Cas! Always liked this film and I remember using the DVD as demo material for my loved Sanyo Z1 projector many many years ago. This sounds like a fantastic upgrade!
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Nice review. I’ve read others too that agree that it’s a decent upgrade PQ wise (surprising as wasn’t really expecting it) so i’ll be adding it to my collection at some stage.
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I have had the blu ray for ages . Just waiting for the 4K to come down in price . I actually watched it 2 weeks ago . Good storyline , animation is excellent . Just cannot justify the price at moment


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Wasn't a FF fan but I was a huge CGI movie fan at the time, and loved this movie to bits just for the CGI :) It can only look even better with 4K resolution and HDR, so I'll be adding this to my wishlist!

Tom Davies

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I saw this with a prospective bf at the cinema and then it was the second DVD I ever bought (the first was Dungeons and Dragons - I had such great taste) so I have very fond memories of this one.
I am very much looking forward to bumping up to this 4K.


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I really love the film, I knew nothing about the games (and still don't) but fell in love with the realistic CGI visuals and even some of the characters when I saw it at the cinema in London on, if memory serves properly.... a digital projector!

It wasn't that long ago I watched another final fantasy film which didn't do it for me and I put this in again to see if the visuals were as good as I'd remembered. They still stood up damn well I thought, but I bought the DVD and Bluray but maybe I'm getting old when I pause on getting the 4k because I doubt there will be much more I notice on the projector?

I'll keep an eye on it in offers though ;-)

//edit me of little faith. screen grabs of bluray vs 4k is very promising!
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Wow now this is a blast from the past. TBH id completely forgot about this film. I used to be a huge FF fan and was super hyped for this when it came out back in 2001. Seem to remember having mixed feelings after coming out of the cinema after watching it. Im not even sure ive watched it again since then?

Possibly one to pick up in a few weeks


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Im not even sure ive watched it again since then?
Which is why you need a database of your films including the dates you watched everything, ahem.

Joe C

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Watching this now - bit harsh on the audio imo @Casimir Harlow, the LFE particularly is better than most things I’ve watched recently.

I can tell this as I’ve just been asked to turn it down. Twice…

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