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Final Decision 3805 or Arcam AVR300 (newbie)

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by Spoonfed, Aug 27, 2004.

  1. Spoonfed


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    Hi all... newbie here :)

    Seem my question is asked a bit on these forums :)

    As the topic says im about to make the decision.

    Speakers are

    Quad 12L's
    Quad Centre
    Wharfdale 30.2's (rear)
    HSU VTF-2 Sub

    In Australia the Arcam RRP is $3690 and the Denon $2500.
    I can get the Arcam for $3000 .... the Denon i guess maybe $2200

    2ch is as important as DD and DTS

    Both seem to get very good reviews for 2 and multichannel sound qualities.

    The Denon has the "feature" edge.... which isn't a big concern as i use a HTPC so video switching is not need.... nor the bizzilion inputs :)

    The Parametic EQ feature of the Denon is good though

    So is the Arcam worth $800 extra?

    I auditioned the Arcam today vs my current Denon AVR 1602.... its imaging, staging was very noticble improved....well everything was improved... though the Denon did do quite well for is age/$'s (source was Arcam CD)

    I will be A/B testing the 3805 and AVR300 tomorrow..... so "may" make a final decision. Hoping the Denon "matches" the arcam to save some $'s :)

    I have one concern about the Arcam. I have "heard" that it has global "settings" in that speaker levels etc are set global and no assigned by audio mode (ie Stereo/PLII/DD/DTS etc) is this true? Seems a strange limitation given even my current 1602 offers this.

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