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Hi all,

wanting to deepen the blacks on my Panny LC75 as it's still a little on the grey side. I've read that some people use FLD filters. Doesn't this just change the colour temp?
Would a neutral density filter work better (it would seem logical to assume it would have a similar effect to a grey screen) or would it darken the image to a point where whites look dull?

I realise I'm probably searching for a cheap answer, but it's worth a shot to improve the black level......

Thanks to everyone for your continued help and contributions


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The Hoya FLD filter converts fluorecsent light into daylight for use with daylight balanced film. This removes the green cast produced by fluorescent light. But many people swear that it improve's contrast. Not tried it myself, yet.


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i use the hoya fld filter on my panasonic ptae and i am very happy with it it improves the black & reduces the vertical banding and the reason i chose the fld is the panny gives a sort of greenish cast so the fld filter corrects it i had the filter off for a few days and the picture looked worse to me so i put the filter back on and i am very happy with the results

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