Filters on AE500?




I do find the brightness of the image from the AE500 to be a bit high.

I know you can change the settings internally, but I'm interested in reducing the general level of light to improve blacks.

Does anyone use a lens on the AE500?

I used a Hoya FLD HMC lens on my old AE100.

Should I use a similar one on the AE500 - if so what would the diameter be of the lens?


Bristol Pete

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AFAIK, the filter size is the same.

The exterior dimensions of the 500 are the same as the 300 which was in turn the same as the 100.

Couldnt live without my FLD now. Much better.

Cap :)


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the hoya filter will work with the 500, it screws inside the lens this time and not on the outer part of the lens like the 100, there are screw threads to hold it in place


I actually gave away my FLD filter when I sold my AE100 - stupid me.

Is the Hoya HMC FLD the best one for AE500? If so I'll have to re-order it from the states.

I want to reduce overall brightness and hopefully get better blacks.


Peter Parker

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If you have a noticable green 'push' then the FL-Day is a good choice, but if the colours are balanced, then to darken the output, a neutral density filter might be what you're after.

Do a search and see what the results bring up just to be sure.



I find the colours to be rather balanced. Perhaps a neutral density filter may be better.

I bought my original filter from 2filter in the states.


Which is a good choice from their webpage -

Is the diameter that fits the AE500 52mm?

There's 3 types of ND - ND2, ND4 and ND8
I wonder if thats the amount of light cut out.

cheers for any guidance - I think a few AE500 owners would be interested in filters.


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Originally posted by andrew constant
is the hoya filter a 52mm thread for a AE500 ?

no its a 55mm thats what i used for my a300 which has the same lens as the 500, it screws into the inner ring and is a perfect fit

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