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Jan 6, 2004
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Had my Sony TRV14 for over 2 weeks now I was thinking about getting some filters. Filmed me and my dad washing the cars on a sunny Sunday morning. With this time of year the sun is low so it was annoying not to point it at the direction of the sun. I see in the manual that your not meant to shot directly at the sun, but what about if the sun is just out of picture as some shots had very bright patches.

Now I have read that the sun can damage the camcorder but what about if the sun is just in the picture, and not directly focused? Is there a filter to help with these situations? As it seems silly not being able to make good use of the camcorder in sunny winter days due to the sun being low.

Also when pointing the camera in the direction theres alot of streams of light etc. Is the polarizing filter the one to get to reduce this sort of stuff? Whats the best filter to use when the sun is shinning bright and you want to dim down reflections etc?
It's always a good thing to keep a UV filter permanently on the front of your lens, the affect this will have is to cut down some of the haze in the distance of outdoor shops but the great big plus is that it provides protection for your camcorder lens, if the UV filter gets scratched or even worse cracked you can unscrew it throw it away and buy another, but you don't want to know how much you'd be charged for a new camcorder lens.

Many of the problems you describe can be overcome by screwing a lens hood on the front of your camera (as well as the filters) this allows you to film when the sun is at an angle to the front of your camera.

A polarising filter will definitely cut down a lot of the glare, it will also screw to the front of your camera and has provision to rotate it so that you can cut out most of the glare.

finally, just because you have a Sony camcorder doesn't mean you have to buy Sony filters and lens hoods, there are a lot cheaper versions around by some very reputable manufacturers.

I believe your camera has a 30mm thread so for instance you could look here :-
for a lens hood, and here:-
for a UV filter, and here :-
for a polarising filter.
Thanks for the advice. I have looked on Amazon and they do

Is this

a polarising filter? As I remember reading that Sony called the Neutral Density? If so I will probably get that one. And then get the Hama UV filter and the sunguard.

Actually looking it seems that Amazon havent got them for sale. If you look on the links theres no buy button.

Any other places to look at? As I looked on Jessops site but were very expensive and did not have a good range.
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I'll second Beejaycee's advice to put a filter on the lens. I've had several cameras and a couple of camcorders and have always used a filter for protecting the lens.

I would suggest going to any local camera shop to find a filter if you can't get what you are after on Amazon/Keene etc.
Just looked at your link for the Neutral Density and there is a buy button shown but only 1 in stock.

A polarising filter and a Neutral Density filter are two very different items, a polarising filter as it's name suggests can be used to polarise the light to reduce/eliminate glare, whilst a neutral density filter actually reduces the amount of light reaching the lens and can be useful in Snow or on the beach on a sunny day. The one you are looking at on amazon is NOT a polarising filter it is a Neutral Density filter.

There are lots of places selling filters and lens hoods online - go to and enter something like 'camera filters' (or similar words) in the box, click on the radio button for UK only search (unless you want to wade through masses of pages from around the world) then click 'Google Search' - that should give you some choices.
Originally posted by Beejaycee
A polarising filter and a Neutral Density filter are two very different items

Cheers. I thought I read somewhere that they were the same, so thanks for putting me straight.

Mark thats about the only thing you can buy, the other filters have no buy button, only 2nd hand stuff or from shops not related to Amazon.

Will go have a look for a polarising filter as I think thats the one I need. Will probably get a UV filter as well as they seem to be pretty cheap. A lens hood also seems a good idea.

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