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i've got a canon 450D and am thinking about getting the following:

Hoya 58mm UV Filter
Hoya 58mm Circular Polarizing Filter
Canon ET-60 Lens Hood

i'm not sure if i need both filters. how or when do you use filters? do you keep a UV filter constantly on your lens?

also, any recommendation on other filters or views on the filters and hood i've mentioned above?


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Hi Achoudry, I also have the 450d and got a UV filter from day one, purely to avoid the lens getting scratched plus its easier to clean a £15 filter from spray/rain/muck etc than tentatively try and clean your expensive lens.

The polarizing filter is a must I feel, I've had some great deep blue skys and water surfaces without haze so I recommend getting one.

I've also a hood but havent used it yet, dont really know why/when I should so maybe someone else will highlight the pro's and con's of the hood.


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Personally I don't use UV filters; the end elements of lenses are well hardened, and are protected by lens caps and hoods most of the time anyway. DSLRs have in-built UV filtering so they serve no purpose other than to protect the lens front.

most of what you want to know about CPLs is summarised here:
Photographic filter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

basically anything with sky or reflections where you can afford to lose a couple of stops.

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