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Hello I’m new to this.

For some years I have been saving my DVD’s to hard drive using Slysoft AnyDVD HD to de-crypt and then Clone DVD to copy just the movie and then once on the hard drive they play instantly through my Technomate free to air satellite receiver via USB in the form of a .ts file. It’ll cope with 1080p when I record stuff off the tele and AC3 5.1 sound. Brilliant!

I’m now wanting to do the same with my Blu Rays and herein lies the problem. Once again I’m using AnyDVD HD to de-crypt and download the disc to a temporary hard drive and then Clone BD to do an exact copy of the movie. This can only create an .m2ts file for me as I want the exact copy. My Technomate can play the film fine but can’t get to grips with the sound which is usually DTS HD or Dolby True HD 7.1.

My Sony AV Receiver actually works fine when the disc played directly from the Sony BD player but my motivation for doing this is to go to the film directly; skip any adverts and trailers and not have to faff around getting discs in and out of the player.

None of this is strictly legal I know but everyone seems to be at it and I have never sought to give away or profit from what I’m doing. I just want the convenience.

Can anyone suggest a solution to my problem even if that means buying a separate media player that can output through the HDMI to the Sony AV which will cope with just about any sound stream?

Thank you.

Sloppy Bob

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Whole area of the forum dedicated to this very topic.

What you're looking for is a networked Media Player that works over USB or via a home network and PC/NAS if you have one.


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Have you tried an sd card. Hiw fo you transfer vidfo via a usb stick, what software do you use ad I thought the BWT720 only recognised j-peg

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