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Hi everyone. I'm struggling over a month with my Samsung AU9000 and its picture settings. I can't stop changing from standard to Filmmaker and vice versa. The fact is that I like both of them but I really NEED your help. Someone to tell me a way to go.

I know it's my TV and I can set it as I want but I need help because this is harming me a lot.

First of all, warm vs standard. I know standard is bluer and warm is more accurate. The first thing is, should I use warm 1 (for me it's better than warm 2) than standard tone?

In case of this, another one. Standard tone is used by default in standard mode and warm 2 (I change it to warm 1) in Filmmaker mode. What happens if I use standard with warm 1 tone? Is that more accurate or should it be used (warm tone) only in Filmmaker mode? Does it feel the same warm tone in standard and in Filmmaker mode?

Another thing is that I like vivid colours. Filmmaker mode doesn't give me that. So I change colour space to native and push the colour level a little. Is this an astrocyte to filmmaker mode? Shouldn't filmmaker mode be used only without any modifications? Am I destroying the main purpose is this mode and should I focus on another mode like standard?

I need help because this is becoming annoying for me. I watch sports, somewhere I read that filmmaker mode is also good when watching sports, TV shows, programs and most of time SDR content including movies. No HDR content at all.

So to summarize, standard mode with standard tone or may be warm 1 tone is more accurate? Or is it only for cinema/Filmmaker modes without any modifications?

Filmmaker mode for every content as I've read in some sites but with my own modifications or standard mode for every content?


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You were correct with this: "I know it's my TV and I can set it as I want"

Don't see how anyone can help you know what you want....
There is no absolute "correct". If you go down the route of blindly following the "Must use Warm2" route then that ignores the inherent warmth that is almost always applied to TV series and Movies already, so while it may be accurate to the broadcast it won't necessarily be realistic.
Same with motion smoothing. Do you go for the "As director intended" route of juddering 24fps, or the more realistic interpolated route, disparagingly described as "like a cheap soap opera" whereas it could equally accurately be described as "like a high quality Attenborough documentary".

At the end of the day do you want to blindly follow what the director wanted or tweak to your own preferences?
And remember at the end of the day you won't necessarily be seeing or hearing the same as director/producer intended because we all have different eyes, ears and brains processing the information.

Artiitic vs realism, which do you want. I know what I want. Bring on 120fps films and temperature accuracy in the content.
Thanks a lot for your comment. Really appreciate it. It is as you say. Sometimes I want to follow what "experts" tell me the best way to watch any content on TV because it seems I'm not doing the right thing to take the most advantage of my TV picture. It seems warm 1 level is quite right and standard cool at times.

In a mess I am. But tell me if you can. I agree with you in most cases such as motion picture because I prefer more fps and smoothness when watching everything on TV, but which colour tone do you prefer? Standard? Warm 1 or maybe warm 2 using filmmaker mode or standard?
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At the moment I´m using these settings:

Filmmaker Mode

Brightness 50
Contrast 45
Sharpness 10
Color 30
Color tone Warm1
Color space Native.

These are the most relevant changes I made starting from Filmmaker Mode to my onw taste. I know with some patterns tested on youtube, specialy (and only I would say) with red colour that it´s saturated but only the red colour. Just if someone want to check these settings and post his/her thoughts here. Any help would be appreciated.
Here I come again. Another question to rush in to the end of this as it may seem to be in my crusade for finding the best picture setting. Color tone is usually set by default in standard in standard mode and warm 1 or warm 2 in cinema or filmmaker modes.

The question is that I've thought about changing the standard color tone from standard mode to warm 1. Warm tone was set by default in cinema modes and never in standard mode.

What happens if I change it in standard mode? I know you would say "that you'll be happy if you like it as it's your TV" but do you think It'll be more accurate? Isn't it a sin to use warm tone in other modes but cinema or filmmaker modes? Or perhaps this idea is going on the right way for picture quality in general?

People say they warm tone is the right one and I'm the one of most people that think that the more vivid and fresh color tone, the better to enjoy TV image. Experts say warm tone is the way to go and if you set the color tone to warm, after time, you can't go back to standard mode because you'll see it bluer.

I'm at this point. I'm realising that reds are really reds when switching to warm tone and skins tones with warm tone are better and more realistic. And I'm also at the point that if a change color tone to standard it seems "not so good" as I thought.

What do you think? Am I on the right track?

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